When you think about outpatient rehab, what comes first to your mind? A room that is full of people talking about various things, guided by a counselor. Right?

But in case you have joined the Lionrock Recovery, then it is something you will never see happening. Surprised?

Yes, Lionrock Recovery is an online treatment program. Sessions at Lionrock involve nine faces staring at you in a split-screen video conference while you speak.

Lionrock was established in 2010 by Peter Loeb and Iain Crabb. This online recovery program focuses on those people who feel ashamed to get traditional treatment or cannot visit a rehab center for various reasons. Most of Lionrock’s clientele are women.

Treatment Program

Trust us, Lionrock Recovery is not a scam. A well-trained team handles it. Whether video chat mode is a useful treatment approach is a question for another day. At least, a client’s privacy is well protected.

All the treatment sessions are encrypted and offer the same level of security that you get when you do financial or retail transactions. So, no question of anyone intercepting your sessions. When it comes to HIPAA compliance, the center’s email server meets all the compliance norms.

Like any other traditional program, Lionrock does provide its clients with various outpatient options. There is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) where the individuals log in into thrice-weekly group sessions, each lasting for three hours. There is also a track for individual, psychoeducational, and family sessions.

Lionrock clients have individual managers who develop a personalized treatment program, which lasts anywhere from six weeks to nearly three months.

There is also a less intensive option – Ascend program. It involves undergoing 14 hours of sessions with twice-weekly group sessions lasting for 90 minutes and two monthly individual meetings lasting for an hour each.

Lionrock follows a 12-step recovery process. Lionrock clients have to attend local 12-step groups. They can also participate in other non-12-step alternatives, but these have to be approved by the treatment team.

To make the entire process of being involved in group sessions a smooth affair, counselors provide orientation class to the clients. Those clients who complete the program and stay sober are encouraged by Lionrock to act as temporary online sponsors.


The treatment team at Lionrock Recovery comprises clinicians, well-credentialed therapists, addiction counselors, and medical advisors. Most of the staff members have vast experience of working in various rehab centers that dot the landscape.

In Addition

Besides the programs mentioned above, Lionrock Recovery also provides two specialized tracks – Base Camp and Family Matters.

The Base Camp track involves daily goal setting and weekly group support sessions. The clients are held accountable for these via a smartphone app. This program acts as the best option for people in the early stages of sobriety.

Family Matters is a six-week program (for family members of clients) that covers communication, intervention guidelines, and coping skills. This program is held once weekly for two hours.

While there is no guarantee that this mode of recovery is failproof, it does provide an option to those clients who are unable to attend traditional rehab programs for various reasons.


IOP – Approximately $2,000 (30 days).