The Thomas Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal



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I am an opiate veteran, and many of my friends have asked me how did I detox myself? I was a hardcore opiate addict, and there were days when I could have done anything to lay my hands on few pills, absolutely anything.

So for the benefit of my friends and other newbies who are wondering on how to reduce and ultimately withdraw from opiates, I present to you a recipe that has helped me a lot. Please note that I am neither a doctor nor a scientist or an employ of a pharmaceutical company, so I cannot guarantee the success of this recipe.

I am just an ordinary guy who got an opportunity to detox. This recipe is for those who believe in at-home self-detox and do not want to spend their money going to rehab or detox clinics. Those who intend to use this recipe should make sure that the recipe ingredients do not contraindicate with legit medications. If you have any issues, please contact your doctor immediately.

The recipe is called THOMAS RECIPE. Those who cannot do a detox could go for a taper using a suitable alternative.


  • Valium (benzos like Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, or Librium also can be used). Of these drugs, Valium and Klonopin help in tapering since these are in tablet form. Though Librium is good when it comes to detox since these are in capsules, it is difficult to do a taper. Xanax or Ativan is the last resort if none of the above drugs are available.
  • Imodium (OTC)
  • L-Tyrosine (500 mg capsules, can be purchased from any health food store)
  • Wide-spectrum mineral supplement having 100%RDA of copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc
  • Vitamin B6 capsules
  • Access to Jacuzzi or hot baths or hot showers


  • Start the mineral/vitamin supplement straight off, preferably taking it with food. Having potassium very early during detox is important since it helps in relieving RLS. If you cannot find potassium supplements, you can go for bananas.
  • Start the detox process using regular doses of Valium (or any other alternative benzo). The dose should be high enough to induce sound sleep. Before using any benzo, make sure you have an idea about its dosing schedule. Each benzo has its own dosing schedule. You should taper the Valium dose after each day, aiming to get past four days, by which time, most of the withdrawal symptoms will subside. Valium won’t be required after days 4 or 5.
  • While undergoing detox, take hot baths or Jacuzzi to address the muscle aches. This is one of the best methods to alleviate some of the worst WD symptoms.
  • During detox, you might have diarrhea for which Imodium would be very helpful. However, do not use it if it is not needed.
  • By the fifth day, you might start experiencing the opiate WD malaise. Take L-Tyrosine (2000 mg is ideal, can change as per requirement) on an empty stomach. Take it with B6 to aid in absorption. Take breakfast an hour after taking L-Tyrosine. This drug provides you with mental and physical energy helping to counteract opiate WD malaise. Take it every morning as long as it is useful. Once you start getting the jitters, you can either decrease the dose or stop it completely. One might have occasional runs with L-Tyrosine, but it should stop after an hour or so. Try to lower the dose and see if it helps.
  • Continue taking vitamin/mineral supplements along with breakfast.
  • Try doing some exercise such as cycling, swimming, walking, etc. It could be hard at first, but it will make you feel better.

Always remember that it is possible and you would succeed.


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Excellent recipe. However, I am not sure we can get scripts for benzos so easily. In my case, I am out of insurance and money, how could I use Valium?


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It’s true. You cannot get scripts for benzos that easily. I have known people who have used OTC Benadryl and/or OTC sleeping meds. I know it is pretty rough when you are out of insurance and money. I suggest you try to get some other meds that could help you.

The recipe is not cast in stone. I just posted the recipe hoping that it could be useful for others. I have used Vicodin, and I was comfortable with it.


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I have a script for Tylenol PM, hoping to use it instead of Valium. Tylenol also helps me to get a sound sleep.


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Give me a break. This stuff is pure bullshit. This rapid detox is not good and you can end up harming yourself. This recipe is created by an individual and FDA has not approved this stuff. When it comes to addiction, there are no shortcuts, and one has to go through the proper way.

God Bless.


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Give me a break. This stuff is pure bullshit.
I disagree with you. I was on narcotics for nearly a decade due to a major accident. I had tried every narcotic that was available in the market to reduce my pain. Finally, having had enough of it, I decided to do a detox. I found this recipe online when searching for treatment facilities. Spoke with my doctor who wrote me Valium, got all other stuff and jumped headlong into it. Must say after a week of Valium (yes, it took that long), and following all other steps, I am now free of narcos for nearly six months.

I am not saying that since it worked for me, it should work for everyone, just saying do not tar the entire recipe just because you do not like it.


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I have come across this recipe in so many websites, and in theory, it looks to be very simple. Though I have not followed this recipe, I have friends who can vouch for the success of this recipe.

Coming to my detox, I was having issues with sleep. Nothing seemed to work for me. Xanax, Valium, Tylenol PM, you name it, and I have used it. Getting sleep was the worst part of detox for me. However, my dogged determination to get myself rid of opiates helped me to go through this period.


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I'm with you, bro. For me, the only drug that worked was OTC Unisom. I used to take around five to six, as it gave me a good and restful sleep. Despite its success in getting me to sleep, I would not recommend it to everyone because each body reacts differently and what works for me might not work for others. Check with your doctor if you are having problems with sleep during detox.

For those who say detox is a long process, I would like to say this; we did not become an addict overnight, so we would not be getting out of it in a jiffy either.

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Good luck to everyone, Make sure you have quick access to a Doctor. Wayne