THC detox & using Niacin 500mg to flush your system clean

Hi there, my friend says that Niacin can detox my body of THC very effectively and quickly. I am not sure how well-informed she is. Can anybody confirm this?
my friend says that Niacin can detox my body of THC very effectively and quickly. I am not sure how well-informed she is. Can anybody confirm this?
Your friend is misinformed. There is total lack of scientific evidence that Niacin has any immediate benefits, when it comes to eliminating THC. Niacin takes longer to act, than to be able to provide immediate effects, to eliminate THC from the body.

More importantly, however, Niacin can RUIN your liver, if you go above the recommended dosage.
I’ve smoked pot heavily for more than a decade. I am applying for a government job. They are going to test me for drugs. I have about four weeks until I get tested. I stopped smoking three days back. What are the chances that I will pass?
I was admitted in a rehab , where I have been spending the last few weeks. The program at the rehab was very intensive. I did not go there voluntarily. They tested my urine everyday. I got to know from somewhere that Niacin can get THC eliminated from the body quickly and so decided to try it.

Discalimer! : It is not safe to take Niacin in doses above the recommended daily dose (2.5g) , and doing so, you are putting your body at great risk!

Having 180lbs and 6'4, and smoking for about 3 years an average of 4 daily grams, I was taking four 500mg tablets per day. Those were controlled release tablets, so the effect was distributed throughout the day, but I was drinking a lot of water too to give some balance to my body.

I weigh 90 kgs, and am well over six feet tall. I've been smoking for some years now, quite heavily, on a daily basis. Therefore, I started on Niacin 500 mg. I got the extended release variety. That helped distribute the effect of the Niacin over the entire day.

Like a fool, I went and smoked on the very same day I was getting tested. yet I managed a Baseline score of 177ng/ml of THC. Exactly nine days from then, I was totally clean.

That said, if it so very important to you to pass a THC test, then you will have to endure some of the side effects such as red skin, overheating, itchy body, and terrible stomach pain. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether using Niacin for an accelerated THC detox is worth the accompanying side effects and possible organ damage.
My boyfriend has been talking to me about his roommate and the urine test he has to take soon regarding his job. He’s worried that he will no longer have someone to share the rent with because the roommate continues to smoke around 2 grams a day.

We have serious doubts that by stopping just 7 days before will make him pass the test, even if also started to work out and drink an insane amount of water, along with healthy foods.

Sure, over 1000 mg Niacin daily is a strong dose, but even so, we don’t know what are his chances to pass the analysis. If he doesn’t pass my boyfriend is already talking about moving in with me, and I am just not sure if we will be rushing things.

My boyfriend also told me he plans to take a 2500 mg niacin bomb the day before being tested, and several 1500 mg dosages on the day of the test, so maybe this will actually work?
I'm a regular pot-smoker. I smoked last only three days back. I have a test next week. What do I need to do, so that I , you know, pass?
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There are two ways in which you can detox from THC. The first way is to do it the natural way and exercise your body until all the fat , which contains the THC, btw , is burnt and expelled. If you do have either the time or inclination required for that, you can flood your body by excessive water intake, to try and dilute the THC. If so, ensure to also take plenty of multi-vitamins and other supplements, because you don't want them to find your urine too very dilute. That always raises a red flag.

These methods apart, the only other option is to scam your way through the test, which is not advisable as the repercussions of getting caught are worse than that of failing a test. Ways in which you could do this is by submitting synthetic urine instead of your own, at the test, but if you are going to be subject to a watched submission, then, chances of succeeding this way are as good as ZERO.
The flushing and redness of skin, as reported upon consumption of Niacin is no reason for alarm. All it means is that your Vitamin B3 levels are up. This can happen to anybody using Niacin, including those using less of a dose than you. It helps you decide how well the body is tolerating the Niacin. The Niacin dose can be further increased, if the body tolerates it well. This has to be independently verified for each individual, in order to determine the individual's most efficacious dose. In fact, if you are taking Niacin for depression or anxiety, they will actually tell you to take as much as is needed until you start flushing a little. So, the flushing is no cause for alarm, as said earlier.
It is not easy to arrive at a conclusion as to whether to use Niacin or not, to rapidly eliminate THC from the body. On one hand, it is effective, however the serious damage that it causes the body pose the question as to whether it is worth it.
I feel we need to reexamine the goal of detoxification. Detoxification is not some operation that you undergo in order to pass a drug test. It is more than that. Detox is the beginning of a new life, free from the hassle of substance abuse.

From my own experience, Niacin does manage to rid the body of THC effectively. Don't fall for those rumors that Niacin is bad, or that it doesn't detox properly, or that it harms you.

I recommend you make use of the 250 mg tablets, of the regular variety (as opposed to the extended release variety) of Niacin. It would be a great idea, in fact to wear enough clothes to make you sweat, ingest about one gram of Niacin first thing in the morning and go out for a run, until you totally sweat it out. Then you will experience the real effect of Niacin, in eliminating THC rapidly.

Try and avoid eating before exercising, if your goal is to eliminate THC. Eating is only going to provide alternative and additional fuel that the body can burn, instead of the fat that is already stored, which contains the THC, which you want to eliminate. It would be wise to check the sweat suit or attire that is worn, while exercising and sweating out the THC, because if the toxins are going to get absorbed by your clothes, and then you are going to wear back those same clothes, you are possibly going to reabsorb all those toxins, and thereby end up defeating the whole purpose.

You are bound to feel tired after running hard. Therefore, have a solid breakfast, containing adequate protein. Eggs and wheat are good. This way you will meet your energy needs.

You can repeat the 500 mg dose of Niacin at lunchtime, with as little lunch as possible, comprised as much as possible of vegetable and fruits.

Before the day is over , do some more exercise. This time make sure to include not just cardio exercise but also some weight lifting. Prior to your evening workout, ensure that you take one gram of Niacin and that your clothes are fresh and clean , so that you don't reabsorb all the toxins from your previous exercise session.

Keep repeating these same steps daily until your test. This worked for me, and there is no reason why it shouldn't for you. It may be a good idea to stop taking Niacin a couple of days before the test, just in case they decide to test for Niacin. It goes without saying, that drinking lots of water and urinating plenty is going to help.
I have been using THC for more than a decade. I have never failed a test yet. You have to stay off the pot for at least a week. You can try taking Niacin, in moderately high levels. This can detox you superfast. This works exclusively only for weed. It has worked like a charm for me each time. Of course, I drink a lot of water and do plenty of exercise.
I have tried not using Niacin for detox, and found that the THC stayed in my urine for more than six weeks.
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I’ve smoked pot heavily for more than a decade. I am applying for a government job. They are going to test me for drugs. I have about four weeks until I get tested. I stopped smoking three days back. What are the chances that I will pass?
I am sure you definitely have a good chance of passing. Just to be sure, follow a 10 day toxin rid, and make sure that you do heavy exercise, and sweat adequately. You need to drink as much water as possible. You should have the same day drink on the day of the test.
I see Niacin as a myth, I don’t see it as something effective, and someone following those Niacin treatment guidelines will most likely achieve nothing.

If we look to when and how Niacin started, back in the 50s at the hands of R. Hubbard, scientology creator, it doesn’t give it much more credibility precisely because the man has no medical training whatsoever, he is just a self-proclaimed expert in pretty much any area.

If Hubbard said that 21 days were enough to get the body toxins free with Niacin and uses this method in the rehab center he owns, it just happens that is the same time the body needs to get rid of thc even without Niacin. Enlightening huh?

Studies did prove a couple of decades ago that niacin reduces lipoprotein level in our blood, it prevents the union between lipids and proteins, but it has no relation with fat burning and, therefore, thc cleaning.
I am afraid, there is no real way to get THC out of your system any faster than you normally do.

THC takes time to leave the body. You need to make sure that you are not dehydrated. Drink all

the water you can. You metabolism will eliminate the THC fast, if you are lucky. If you are going

to have a test, it is best that you stay clear of pot for 28 days prior to the test.
All Niacin actually does is accelerate your metabolic rate. Therefore , other than enabling your body to eliminate the THC quicker, there is no way anybody is going to be able to take some Niacin and immediately get all their THC flushed out. It doesn't work that way.


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First of all, THC is not a toxin that you should want to get rid of. Nevertheless, if you want to get rid of THC and its metabolites, you are definitely going to need some time, a period of true abstinence from pot, lots of exercise, and plenty of detox tea.

The very first thing you are going to want to do is to stop smoking pot. Without that, the rest of it is pointless. The next thing you should start doing is drinking at least three liters of water daily. It would be a step better if you drank detox tea, which is meant specifically to flush everything including vitamins and minerals out of your body, after which you will have to replenish the body of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

An important thing to do, while detoxing for THC is to start eating healthy food. Deep-green vegetables such as spinach, arugula, Artichoke, and Lettuce. Onion and Garlic are helpful too. Your detox program is never complete without exercise. This is extremely important, because when you exercise, fat, inside which THC is stored, gets burnt. When you fail a drug test, it is the THC metabolite in your fat that gives you away. You finally, need to account for the fact that each individual will flush THC out of his or her own body, at his or her own rate, variably dependent on the individual in concern