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Thank you so much SLA for helping me....out of about 3 thousand dollars! That's roughly what was donated by me since Feb 9th and I was discharged a few days ago for refusal of payment. Guess that meant I refused to pay more money 3 DAYS after making a payment of $500 to my account! I thought Bernie Madoff and Nevin Shapiro had elaborate setups to extort people out of money but SLA may have them beat! They all follow the same formula of preying on the weak and desperate. Guess that's what they meant when they told me to pray daily!

I bought me soo much serenity with those 3 stacks I'm dripping in sucka juice! This program showed me how to really be humble and thankful for what u have bc now I have absolutely nothing else to lose and I'm pretty humble bc it's cheap and the only thing I could afford. I love the family atmosphere this facility has and by that I mean the Gambino Family. I really felt the love as I was being escorted off property at night to the streets of nowhere.

Now I pray everyday...that I live to see tomm! And not because of drugs bc of things like robbery, starvation,traffic etc. I was working my steps out of the big book while in the program but not anymore unfortunately bc I had to eat the BIG Book for dinner last night with a side or despair and a dessert of pure anger. It was delicious! ( For recipie visit my obituary in the next week) It was nice however during my time there to witness success stories like........ugh actually I don't remember any. That money would have just been spent on drugs and partying where I just would have felt great and had memories to last a lifetime but that does not hold a candle to living in a smelly apartment with 10 or so other addicts and listen to them bitch all day like they are fucking Wendy Williams and steal your food and personal belongings ( my pay card from work was stolen prob by a hired SLA goon so i didn't have the means to make a payment if I wanted. They really went hard on the plot to get me discharged and I am actually flattered that I brought out enough hatred from SLA staff that they showed they can put effort into a cause and carry it out other things and programs just aren't a priority appearently .

I am writing this factual review because the big book told me to give back so I am doing this as a warning to addicts considering entering the program can learn from my pain and suffering and not make the same mistake I did. And don't let the staff's song and dance fool you they are programmed to treat you like their best friend for about a week or week and a half only to cut your throat when you turn your back. They are nice with the backstabbing. If you are into snitching and being a scared ass bitch then ignore this the program is definitely for you. Ignore the fact that staff has hardly any clean time they have plenty of celibacy time so that trumps clean time. By the way fraternization is strictly prohibited.

The female recovering addicts in the program are for staff use only so if you get dreams of banging out one of these dime pieces by the trash compactor forget it! All the ladies and time at the dumpster are spoken for so keep it moving! I am hopeful to get into another SLA program in another city this summer because I want to see what it's like to leave a disabled or brain dead addict this time because unfortunately that's all i have left after this latest L. But enough from me I'm going to burn my 12 and 12 book I've had cooking for dinner if I do this much longer. And remember it works if u work it so go to work, pay SLA for no work and have that ass and bank account worked over by them. Tommorow is not promised, let SLA Charlotte rob you today!

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