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Operated under the control of California State Licensed Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Programs, Occupational Health Services (OHS) offers various rehab programs focusing on anger management, beverage handling, safe driving, and alcohol and drug abuse. These programs are offered at California’s San Marcos Center in collaboration with Managed Health Network (MHN). MHN is Health Net, Inc.’s behavioral health subsidiary and a leading healthcare company providing complete behavioral change solutions for organizations and individuals.

1050 Los Vallectios Boulevard, Suite 109
San Marcos, CA 92069

OHS provides alcohol rehab program that focuses on treating substance abuse with outpatient care. OHS aids DWI/DUI and women offenders in drug treatment. The program also includes Spanish language services and assistance for hearing impaired or ASL. Other programs offered by OHS include anger management, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Programs, Drug and Alcohol (ASI) Assessments, and Responsible Beverage Services.

For the DUI/DWI offenders, OHS offers court-mandated rehab requirements and helps people to navigate the system and satisfy the DMV and court requirements. OHS also electronically submits to the DMV the DL-107 Proof of Enrollment and Reinstatement forms and DL-101 Completion forms to ensure accurate, fast, and confidential reporting.

OHS offers payment plans along with self-payment options (major credit cards accepted) to the enrollees.


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The staff at OHS, San Marcos can be easily mistaken for customers, such is their attire. I would say that this is a well-oiled money-making machine. No questions are asked if you pay the money. Any questions you are openly threatened. There are so many programs and meetings that one has to attend which can cause a person to lose track. A lesson I have learned after attending the programs is that I would never drink and drive. If I do, then I would have to revisit this hellhole.


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I always had an issue with drinking and driving but was still lucky since I drank in moderation. This one time, I binged and thought nobody could catch me in the dead of night. Wrong, I was caught at the first intersection. As expectedly, I was sent to OHS. Thank the lord for that. I was able to accept and understand my problem and the various skills taught at OHS has ensured that I have never driven under influence for the past six years.


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If there is any other word that can denote worse than terrible, then I would give this place the honor. The customer service is awful, unfriendly and hostile. You are treated as an inconvenience. If you can survive that, next lies the scheduling nightmares. I was scheduled for attending three activities, but when I turned up, I was coolly told I was not scheduled. Once that issue was solved, the next one cropped up, no counselor was assigned to me. Once you complete the entire nightmare, there can be unexpected twists and turns when sending your records to DMV. I was told it would take at least five to ten working days to update the DMV, but when I visited after a month, the records were still not updated. When I inquired, again the same “cool” attitude. “Oh, is it? We will do it soon.”

One way to avoid entering into this shithole is to avoid drink and drive.

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The staff at OHS facility is poorly trained. They do not have the etiquette of talking to a customer. All they are interested is gobbling up your hard-earned money. If you make any partial payment, they look upon you as if you are the scum of the earth. I would seriously recommend avoiding this place if you get a DUI ticket. Another alternative, avoid drinking while driving.


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If you like your hard-earned money, then avoid drink and drive. The company would not do anything unless you pay. Moreover, there is no guarantee that things will be alright if you pay. The worst thing about this center is the staff. They have a serious attitude problem. I was treated as if I was an insect. The programs were somewhat okay, but the incompetent staff ruins the seriousness of the place.


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Have you ever seen a front office executive with a weird hairdo and earphones plugged ordering you to fill the forms? Well, you could see one at OHS. The guy was not only ill-dressed but had no idea about anything. I asked a few simple things, and the only thing he could say was “Ugh, write whatever you want.” I seriously felt like knocking some sense into him. Lesson Learnt, avoid drink and drive or else face these useless idiots.


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OHS, San Marcos is a court-mandated mandatory rip off. If judges knew the amount of money these guys rip off as fees, they would take over and help California get out of its debt. I mean have you ever seen a fine being rounded off. I was told my fine was $250, which increased to $318 and then went up to $476. Funny thing, they rounded it off and said my total fees was $480. Wanted to beat the crap out of them, but controlled my anger.


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The rescheduling fees and leave of absence fees are nothing but glorified daylight robbery. I paid more than $500 for my first 1st time DUI class. I paid the fees up front. During the three-month course, I missed three classes and ended up paying rescheduling fees. They do not care a damn about why you missed the class. They only want money and nothing else. I somehow managed to complete the three-month course and promised myself never to drink and drive.


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Worst DUI school on the planet. I had to watch others have paperwork, important files, scheduled appointments ALL mishandled by this place. The punitive fines for making changes to complete the program are meant to be fish hooks, so you will pay hundreds over the actual cost of the program, not including your fines to the state. I watched many people want to get angry at the mistreatment of individuals and mishandling of people's files and the cost to those people. This is why they have bullet proof glass at the payment windows. I thoroughly surprised no one has shot this place up. This place never sent my completion paperwork, and left me with a warrant for non compliance- I find this out 3 years after completing. Which left me having to take days off of work to get it all straightened out. OHS is like herpes.... They don't go away and they will ruin your life, even when you thought you took care of it. I'm looking to file a case against them with the state of California. If you can go someplace else, I highly suggest you do.

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