Meth Water Bong Question

I got a doubt when it comes to "meth bong." I have come across various opinions about it.

Some say it is bogus because ice dissolves in water, others say it can be done and can give you a good quick high.

I am planning to do ice bong in few days’ time, but am skeptical. I tried searching it on the web on how to operate a meth bong, but have hit a wall.

I was smoking in a glass pipe, but it broke. I went to my local shop to get another one, where I noticed a new item – An all-clear glass.

It was about 10 inches tall, and it seems to resemble a bong, the only difference being the meth pipe coming out at a 90-degree angle. It also had a long glass removable tube at the center.

It did not strike me to click a pix, but if I say I was blown away, then that would be an understatement. I, for sure, know it is not a bong used for weed, it is for ice.

But has anyone any idea whether it works, and if yes, how does it work?

I would want it and once I know how to use it, plan to buy it.
I can understand your feeling. I went through the same thing when I first saw the bong for meth. I've used many types. I even had the straight ones.

I am bit lost when you ask how it works; I’d to lie if I say there is a difference between the two because I have not felt any difference.

Well, the only difference was that I was able to keep the curved pipe on the table without it tipping over.

One advantage I can think off is bigger pipes won’t get hot very easily. I meant the stem wouldn’t get that hot from prolonged use compared to a conventional pipe.

I am saying this because I once had a large glass pipe, I used it two to three times after which it broke (due to it being thin and brittle).
I have got few pipes of varying lengths besides my meth bong.

Each pipe is different and being a veteran; I can tell you that with authority.

My favorite pipe is the long steam big sweet puff/thick bowl or generic. No matter the size of the pot, the important thing to keep in mind is the thin-thing issues.

There is more controlled heat distribution in a larger bowl. Size-wise, larger bowl allows for less twirling since there is more area for the puddle to move around.

I prefer longer stem because the heat would cool down slightly by the time it reaches the throat.

One thing to keep in mind is that ice bong (mine is a tiny thick bowl bong) works great when you put the 1/3rd amount that you would put in a normal bowl.

I also like American style bong, but the smaller one; one with two-inch thick glass and a straight bowl which is bigger and way out of proportion when compared to the stem.

I have not used it regularly, and I don’t own one, I use my friend’s.

The way to use it is placing index fingers of both hands and spin the bottle clockwise 360o very fast. The puddle does not get excited due to gravity and leaves some crazy designs.

The only problem with it is that it gets very hot while inhaling stuff and one can’t get much in.

Use the small bowl thin glass only if you are desperate enough.
I have used a meth bong, and YES, it works.

In a meth bong, the vapor from meth is transported through the water within air bubbles.

The trick for getting a good high is inhaling hard so that the smoke gets sucked in before it re-solidifies in the inside of the bong.

The good thing about this stuff is that when you get it right, the kick that it gives is unbelievable. Furthermore, we can torch the meth without getting a bitter burnt meth taste.
I have normal bud bong, and my routine for using this involves:

  • Take 420 bowls out and keep it aside (gets useful when tweaking the ice is completed)
  • Heat a LONG speed pipe and very carefully, bend the pipe using heat from the torch (if not careful, the pipe can break)
  • Allow the speed-pipe to cool and stick the stem into a rubber grommet inside the bong, ensuring that there is a hole that is sticking out. Fill the bong with some water.
  • Pack a decent bowl, heat it with a lighter to melt shards. Use clamps to twist the pipe back and forth. Use a cheap and small bong till you get the hang of it.
  • When it starts smoking up, switch off the lighter and hold bong under the bowl, keeping a distance of 1 cm.... twist it between 10 am-- 2 pm clockwise
  • Take a puff and get blown away by the experience.
METH BONG WORKS!!!! Period. Anybody who says it does not is uttering complete lies.

I started making my coagulator in the early 2000s. I made it because I know rapid bubbling of the smoke coagulates almost all, if not all, impurities, trapping them in water.

One of the biggest impurity removed is acid, hence lesser bumps on lips and tongue. The hit which one gets is bigger since the smoke expands once filtering is done.

Moreover, one does not need an endless supply of ice, since you would not smoke more without water. So the same amount that one smokes through the standard pipe can be blown through this.

If used properly, this technique is the best method for smoking ice, and one can get some intense highs with this.

I use two methods – using simple water and using flavored water. Each has their pros and cons. Both the methods use "Nuclear Ice Cube" or "Kryptonite", though it's optional.

Method One – Simple "Distilled" Water (does not have flavor added)

  • Cleaner hits (no more mouth sores)
  • Can enjoy the use of a coagulator
  • Can transform even third-grade dope into an excellent one
  • Much more INTENSE high
  • Have an amazing sex drive
  • Once the process is complete, one can boil the water down and snort the powder.

  • Can’t drink the water
  • One can’t get actual "Kryptonite" through this method

Method Two – "Distilled" Water and Adding Favorite Flavor (I use Jolly Ranchers, Green Apple)

  • Can enjoy using the coagulator
  • The hits taste incredible
  • Can transform even third-grade dope into an excellent one
  • Much more INTENSE high
  • Amazing sex drive
  • Cleaner hits
  • The hits taste better after using it more regularly
  • Can drink the water (one can experience severe side effects)

  • Can’t boil the water for snorting purposes

Creating Nuclear Ice or Kryptonite

  • Use your desired flavor.
  • Take two trays of small ice cubes (not more than 1 square inch, the smaller, the better). Drop these into the coagulator, fill with distilled water and freeze it.
  • Depending on the vessel, you would be required to make necessary adjustments. However, as you keep on practicing it, it won’t take much time.
  • One should not add too much water since you would not get proper hits. The ideal limit is 1/4th of the bong.
  • I use a coagulator that can hold 2-liter water when full. I fill 1/4th of the bong, add nearly 10 to 15 crushed Jolly Ranchers (Green Apple flavor) to the water and shakes it well for nearly 30 seconds.
  • Add one entire tray of ice cubes (one tray on standby). The water line should be nearer to the halfway mark.
  • Add the stem to the bong and blow away
  • Once the ice melts, (which happens quickly), pour off the water into the empty tray and freeze it away.
  • You can add more water and Jolly Ranchers as per your taste.
  • One can repeat the whole process over and over. This will help the ice cubes become darker, and one can get more flavor.
  • I, sometimes, crush a piece of ice in my mouth to get more intense high.
I had never believed that bong would work. I had used it once and never liked the experience. It was way back when I was in my teens.

Last week, I got invited by a friend and used bong once again. Must say, the experience was amazing. We made a makeshift meth bong.

We jimmied weed bong into meth bong by adding few strips of tape, a light bulb, some straw and our basic knowledge of gravity.

I was able to get hits which were quicker than one can get with a pipe. However, it is very intense, and if you can’t handle it, then it is not for you.

However, it does burn dope very quickly.

Frankly, I prefer pipe since it conserves a lot of meths. However, when in the mood, I do go to my friend’s house and take a hit on meth bong.
Well, you need not buy a new bong to enjoy your meth bong.

I made my own, and I have now got a reputation for creating some of the best locally-made bongs in my friend circle.

I create my bong in the following manner:

  • Take glass-on-glass water bong as a pot, wash it and allow it to dry
  • Get a surgical tubing, and attach the tubing to the Pookie
  • Feed the other end down snugly into the bong. The more tubing, more fun it is.
  • You can also use a water bottle or even Gatorade G2 bottles. Smaller bottles lack the structural integrity and can tip over easily.

As a creator of meth bongs, I can vouch that these are the best thing that can happen to a person.

I have made many bongs, and no one has ever complained yet.

So to answer your original question, yes METH BONG WORKS.
So to answer your original question, yes METH BONG WORKS.
You are correct.

Well, you need not buy a new bong to enjoy your meth bong.
As a fellow bong maker, I give you a good salute.

My girlfriend and I make these constantly. We use a pop bottle (Gatorade works better).

Give the bottle a choke and make a hole to allow adding a hollow pen to add the water. Make another hole and tape/glue it up.

Fill the bottle with water while ensuring the water tube is just out a bit. Once done, all one needs to do is take out the tube and put it over the hollow pen.

Light up the end as you normally do. It is easier when two people are around since someone can light it up and twist it while you can hold the bottle and take a hit.

Oh yeah, adding flavors increases the taste of the hit. You can either add Jolly Ranchers, Mountain Dew, lemonade, or any grapes.
Hate to be the teacher, but there few doubts that many newbies would have. I would try to answer those.

The first doubt that any newbie has is concerning rolling the ice and whether one does away with it when using a bong?

Well, rolling is to ensure that there is no overburn. In case of water bong, the rolling part is done by moving the light in a circular motion, under the actual piece.

When ice is melting, keep it in the place for four to five seconds. After that, move the light, in a clockwise direction, to the piece attached next to the first piece.

Continue the process till everything becomes liquid.

The second question is about wastage of water. Many believe that length of the stem has a role to play in wastage of water and twirly pipes and other stuff makes no sense. These add up residue.

In a conventional pipe, one can smoke the stem, but in a meth bong, there is a bigger surface area at play.

To that I would say, clean the bong and pipe every time after you use it by focusing at the nozzle’s end than the joint nozzle. It would make it easier to inhale.

One should also clean the whole bong if one is testing a new piece since the taste from the previous stuff would still be there.