MDA vs. MDMA - Differences In Drug Effects

I have done both MDA and MDMA, and I love both.

However, last time I did a show, I got three rolls and could tell there was a difference between them, but was not able to pinpoint them.

I want to know from you guys what is the difference between MDA and MDMA, especially regarding drug effects.

I would like to know if it is more intense or has a lesser intensity.
I came across this thread in a different forum and felt I should produce it here (in my own words).

Difference between MDA and MDMA

  • Class – MDA and MDMA belong to Amphetamine class of drugs and come from drug group called phenethylamine.
  • Effects – Compared to MDMA, MDA is more hallucinogenic and has greater stimulant effects.
  • Psychotherapy – MDA finds usage in psychotherapy due to its psychedelic effects, but it is not approved for use in treating psychiatric ailments.
  • Half-life – MDA’s half-life is longer than MDMA attributable to the long-term effects.
Having some knowledge about chemistry, I can tell you this:

MDA (3, 4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine) belongs to amphetamine and phenethylamine chemical classes and is a psychedelic and stimulant. Its primary usage is for recreational purpose.

MDA has both hallucinogenic and speed-like qualities, though it closely resembles hallucinogens. FDA has not approved MDA classes of drugs.

MDA is synthesized by converting safrole into isosafrole through isomerization. It is oxidized and later turned into MDA.

MDMA (3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) also belongs to amphetamine and phenethylamine chemical classes and is commonly known as ecstasy.

MDMA is synthetic, a psychoactive drug which has chemical similarities to ‘mescaline’ (hallucinogen) and ‘methamphetamine’ (stimulant).

It is also stimulant and a psychedelic.

I hope you find it useful.
MDMA is empathogenic, while MDA is more psychedelic. A person who does not do it regularly would not be able to tell the difference.

You might be wondering what Empathogenic is.

It is a deep feeling of closeness and oneness that you get with people who are with you. This is not similar to MDA which offers a more intense and pronounced feeling.

Psychologically, MDMA makes you fearless allowing you to be more sociable, which would not be the case otherwise.
My friend, MDA is speedier and is more "psychedelic," because it works on norepinephrine and dopamine centers.

MDA works on the 5-HT 2 neurons (serotonin) and effects are on vision and mood.

MDMA works more on 5-HT 1 neurons that manage mood.

This is the main reason why MDA is psychedelic compared to MDMA. Also, MDMA is more empathogenic and euphoric due to its effects on 5-HT1 neurons that are linked to mood.

MDA provides stronger euphoria but not like MDMA (due to its work on 5-HT 1).

Also an important note: Compared to MDMA comedown, MDA has a far worse comedown.
I have taken both MDMA and MDA and would give my experience here.

MDMA made me feel weak and vulnerable. I got smacky and dopey which one can define as mellow and chill experience.

Comedown was very deep and a very light euphoria, and then there was a straight jump to depression.

MDA gave a euphoria which was similar to cocaine; one can say the best external stimuli ever. I felt I was living life in high-definition. I feel it was more of party drug.

Comedown was more of a walk towards light euphoria followed by a mild headache and slight tiredness the next day. There was no depression.

The higher intensity I felt was due to the fact the effects kick in slowly compared to MDMA.
The effects are different in that MDA has a longer peak that starts quickly but takes time to reach a high, while MDMA starts with the same speed but attains high rather quickly.

Secondly, euphoria on MDMA is very intense leaving us powerless to do anything, while the euphoria is less intense and the stage of being powerless comes slowly on MDA.

The body effects of MDA is more when compared to MDMA and is physically draining. Chills and getting overheated is faster on MDA.

Hangover effect was pronounced with MDA due to its physical characteristics. With MDMA, there is no hangover and no depression.

I feel that feelings of depression after enjoying either an MDMA and MDA is not normal and has more to do with dose, materials ingested, activities done during the show and setting where the show was done.

MDMA effect is more mental while MDA is more visual and tactile. Compared to MDMA, MDA is more touch sensitive and has more pronounced sexual feelings.
I had experienced some weird visuals when I did MDA, both with eyes open and closed. Visuals with the open eye were exhilarating yet short-lived.

Closed eye visuals were especially from a strong roll of MDA which I took. I could see brilliant colors with some freakish and bizarre images intertwined.

It felt like computer animation.

As others have pointed out, MDA is a wonderful party drug while MDMA works great when it comes to introspection and being more social.
Well, you can combine both drugs to get a completely different effect. I have done this and it is exhilarating.

My ideal dose would be 20 mg MDA and 80 mg MDMA. You can do your permutations and combinations based on your preference. It's a matter of personal preference.
I have noticed two major things when it comes to differences between MDMA and MDA.

Firstly, tactile enjoyment is very less on MDA, but things like enjoyment, conversation, etc. were greater than MDMA.

Secondly, on MDMA, you would only get visuals at higher doses due to a straightforward reason of MDMA metabolizing into MDA that has more affinity for serotonin receptor (5-HT2a).

At normal doses of MDMA, the visuals are of enhanced light and simple trails.

On the other hand, the open eye visuals and closed eye visuals on MDA are gorgeous or trippy, but not hallucinogenic.
The only difference between MDMA and MDA is the presence of amine ring in MDMA. That being said, one can pre- and post-load MDA in the same manner as MDMA.

This is because cross toxicity and neurotoxic metabolites with serotonergic and dopamine systems are virtually same.
I have used MDMA and MDA, and the only difference I felt was the on the energy level as well as effect on visual processing. MDMA was a sort of laidback guy, while MDA was a racer.
When it comes to “per gram” strength, MDA is weaker, and the high is short-lived than MDMA. A strong MDA dose would ideally be 150 to 170 mg whereas a strong MDMA dose would 125-150mg.

One can get stoned but not euphoric on MDA.