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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, McLeod Rehab Center offers an affordable program for adolescents and adults battling substance abuse. Having experience of more than four decades under its belt, McLeod Rehab Center offers an entire gamut of care, starting from detox services to residential treatment to outpatient treatment.

515 Clanton Road
Charlotte, NC 28217


McLeod Rehab Center functions out of a remodeled hotel. The fourth floor works as a space for the adult program and has 36 beds, with two clients sharing a semi-private room. The adolescent unit has 28 beds and is situated on a different floor. The rooms resemble a bed and breakfast setup with dressers, two full-sized beds, and a desk.

The residents get three meals a day, which is served cafeteria-style. Choices for breakfast include eggs, grits, turkey bacon, and biscuits. For lunch and dinner, the residents can have hot dogs, soup, hamburgers, or an entree like broccoli and chicken, though dinner is more substantial. Residents can also use the salad bar daily. Residents are allowed to have caffeine in the mornings. Specific dietary requests are also accommodated. Smokers can indulge in it in designated areas.

Besides cafeteria, McLeod Rehab Center also boasts of a common room, an exercise room, therapy rooms, a meditation room, offices, lecture halls, and an outdoor patio.

McLeod Rehab Center offers holistic and individualized treatment which is 12-step oriented and evidence-based model. While residents can undergo opioid detoxing at an on-site methadone clinic, the center does not provide detox program for any other substances. A typical detox program at McLeod Rehab Center ranges from two to seven days. Detox cost is included in overall treatment costs.

A day in the adult residential program begins with waking up early in the morning, doing meditation, having breakfast and some exercise time. This is followed by group therapy sessions from 9 am to 12 pm, lunch breaks, individual assignment time and then group therapy session. Residents get a break from the hectic schedule in the early evening, which they can spend either relaxing or exercising. An early dinner follows this, after which residents generally attend an off-site 12-step meeting and wind down for bedtime.

The adolescent program follows the therapeutic structure of adult program and treats males aged between 13 and 17 years for a 90-day period. Besides the sessions, the teenaged clients attend schooling at on-campus Charlotte-Mecklenburg Country School.

During the treatment process, clients interact with a primary counselor twice weekly with a proviso for more sessions. At McLeod Rehab Center, a client spends most of the time in group therapy, which focuses on life skills, nutrition, relapse prevention, anger management, and trauma processing. The 12-step model is a vital cog in this recovery program. Besides these, clients have to attend daily on-site and off-site NA/AA meetings.


Every Saturday, McLeod Rehab Center holds family group therapy session which helps family members to work on co-dependency, coping skills, and communication. Sundays are reserved for family visits.

McLeod Rehab Center boasts of 1:3 or 1:4 staff to resident ratio. The rehab center is staffed 24/7 and includes administrative staff, medical doctor, licensed counselors, and physician’s assistants.

Apart from residential treatment, the center offers Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as standard outpatient care. IOP requires the client to attend 24 sessions of group therapy and focuses on relapse prevention, individual counseling, 12-step education as well as family therapy.


Besides the programs mentioned above, McLeod Rehab Center also offers the substance abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment program, which while being similar to the regular programs, is more time-intensive. The program duration depends solely on the client’s need. In this program, clients have to attend four hours of treatment per day for five days a week. The outpatient treatment includes individual, group and family therapies, relapse prevention, disease management, crisis contingency planning, case management, and co-occurring disorders.

Aftercare phase of the program begins once clients leave McLeod Rehab Center, but before graduation. This phase typically lasts for nearly six to eight weeks and consists of weekly sessions, and referrals to the sober living environment, as needed. Residents can also continue individual therapy during this time.


McLeod Center Cost: Approximately $6,000 (28 days). Reach McLeod Center by phone at (855) 824-9458. Find the McLeod Center on Facebook and Twitter


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McLeod Center is an excellent rehab center which has helped me combat my addiction towards pain pills. Thanks to McLeod, I am in control of my life today. Yes, I still have to take medications to overcome pain, but it is within prescribed doses and not more. I can enjoy my life now, all due to God’s grace and the efforts put in by the wonderful team at McLeod Center.


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Staff at McLeod Center is neither cordial nor helpful. They say one must adhere to timings for TASC and I was sent back twice or thrice for failing to show up at 8:00 am. However, it was only very recently that I came to know that TASC does not start seeing people before 8:30 am. It is ridiculous. Shame on you guys.


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The programs at McLeod Rehab Center are excellent and very helpful. But my major grouse is the cafeteria food. It is pathetic. Though the dinner and lunch can be considered somewhat okay, the breakfast is horrible. Who would give eggs and biscuits for breakfast? For the amount which they collect from us, one should get at least some decent breakfast. Funny enough, they also offer nutrition management as a therapy session.


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Whatever people may say, McLeod Rehab Center is one of the pioneer institutes doing yeoman service for those who are battling substance abuse. It is helping a community to fight and win the battle against alcohol and drugs!! Guys, McLeod saves lives, and I am an example of it!! But yes, one has to surrender yourself to the treatment if you want to regain power over your life and your addiction! I have seen many people who misjudge recovery centers and think they are waste of one’s time and money. They are partly right, but things at McLeod Rehab Center is very different. Every individual, irrespective of stage of addiction, is genuinely taken care of until they recover. I am not advertising for McLeod Rehab Center, but have seen progress from close quarters. Do proper research and then only go to the center. But once you decide, I assure you, you won’t repent your decision!!


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If you want to change your life around and become sober and clean for a long, I mean a very long time, then go to McLeod Rehab Center. There won't be any frills and theatrics generally associated with other centers. But recovery, I can guarantee that. How do I know? I have seen three of my cousins whom our family gave up hope of becoming sober again, go into the rehab center and then come out as sober persons who are willing to stay the same. Thank you, McLeod, and please keep on the great work!!!!


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McLeod Rehab Center on Clanton Road, in Charlotte, is all about money. The center does not care for its’ patients. McLeod makes the person pay the entire cost out of their pocket, and when inquired, they tell very coolly that this is how the business is done. It is just not fair. People come here for getting treated, and I wonder how many of them would have got shock of their life when they hear that this is how the business is run.

The counselors are good, but the finance department is pathetic and need to pull up their socks if McLeod intends to attract people who would sing peans of the treatment center.

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McLeod Rehab Center is one excellent center. It instills discipline in a person, and one of the most important aspects is being punctual. Getting up on time, taking a shower on time and being at the session on time is also considered as a part of the recovery process, something which you would not find in any other centers. This strict adherence means that one has to take responsibility for oneself and accept the consequences, if they fail to do so. Thanks to the McLeod Center, I understand the importance of being punctual and my only regret is waiting for too long to get into the center.

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McLeod is only interested in getting money from the individuals. They just do not care for the individual. The timings of the center are ridiculous. They act strangely when one comes a bit late. If by chance, you end up late even by two to three minutes, you will get locked out, and one has to spend some time hearing preaching from the "program manager." I think none of the staff has ever been on addiction medication and do not understand the problems that an addict would face when they do not get medicines. Sometimes, our mind would be willing, but the body would not be in a position to follow the commands. The craziness does not end there. They still force you to pay for the doses that you miss.

Guys, show some mercy and help us bear through the addiction. Please do not penalize for coming late by few minutes.