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Founded In 1948, Malvern Institute is Pennsylvania oldest treatment center for addiction. The facility offers an effective and comprehensive substance abuse treatment center. Malvern operates two inpatient detox and rehab centers and various outpatient centers in Philly’s suburbs. The facility’s treatment philosophy is Malvern 90-day Model and the facility offers detox, inpatient, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) treatment services are offered to adults.

940 W King Road
Malvern, PA 19355


Malvern offers two residencies, having a combined strength of 80 beds, one at Willow Grove, PA and one at the headquarters. While Malvern has clinical ambiance, the Willow Grove residency is an old stucco colonial manor. The residential 20-bed detox program offers its’ clients rooms that are shared by two other occupants. There are also rooms that have four occupants in it. Some room also offers private bathrooms.

Full-time chefs prepare meals. Clients can get fresh fruits and salads for lunch and dinner. Though electronics and cell phones are not allowed, the client can use a prepaid phone card.

Detox program at Malvern lasts between five to seven days, while the inpatient stay lasts for 90 days. On intake, the residents have to undergo complete assessment based on which customized treatment plan would be prepared. Malvern uses evidence-based practices (CBT and DBT) the 12-step model.

The treatment includes daily group session conducted three times a day, individual session twice weekly, family therapy, as well as daily on-site NA/AA meetings. Residents also can get dual diagnosis support.

Malvern Institute also offers an aftercare program, Recovery Oriented Community. It provides recovery support to ex-residents as well as their families. The facility also offers medical as well as pain-management services for residents seeking recovery but suffering from painful conditions.

Out-of-pocket expenses for detox is approximately $700 per day while inpatient costs roughly $600 per day.

Staff at Malvern includes physicians, nurse practitioners, staff nurses, Masters-level therapists, and administrative support.

Malvern Institute Cost: Approximately $17,500 (30 days). Reach Malvern Institute by phone at (610) 647-0330. Find Malvern Institute at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +


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I will not recommend this place to anyone. The staff is not competent enough, and the place is a mess. The counselors are also not up to mark. When I was in the institute, there was only a sensible lady who was doing working hard. The nighttime nurses were the best and were always there to help you. If not for them, the place could have shut down long time back.


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Wonderful rehab center. The staff with whom I interacted were excellent and were always ready to help, even when it came to pouring one’s heart out.


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The program was great, but the excellent part was the food which was delicious. The chefs knew how to address the needs of every person. Many do not give this much importance, but a good food lays the foundation for a good stay. If the program is excellent, but the food atrocious, nobody would be happy which might render the whole purpose of entering the program void.


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My three months stay at this place has changed the entire way I look at the world. I was broken, depressed, filled with hatred and did not trust anyone. But the staff at this wonderful place made me realize the importance of having a positive outlook in life. Thanks, Malvern, I am a “new me” just because of you.

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The program was great, but the excellent part was the food which was delicious.
I completely agree with this statement. The place offers food that is worth eating. It is not a typical rehab food and tastes excellent. Wish I could get a meal plan from these guys.


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My stay at MI was not an epoch-making moment. I had a normal stay, and the programs were also pretty run-of-the-mill. The only saving grace was the staff. Nice bunch of people who cared about the clients.

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My counselor changed the way I viewed the outside world. Before entering into this program, my family had given up on me, and I was lonely. Wanting to get my life back on track, I enrolled in their program, and after spending 90 days at this place, I am a changed person. Thanks to Malvern, my family has taken me back, and I am now surrounded by people whom I can trust and look up to.


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The best thing that I liked about Malvern is that the staff knows that we are addicts but do not treat us as some jailbirds and do not impose stupid rules. They are friendly and ready to help. God Bless Malvern.