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Founded in 1995, Full Circle Recovery is an international intervention practice. It has expanded into Full Circle Addiction & Recovery Services. The center has been started by Kristina Wandzilak who is the author of critically acclaimed addiction book - The Lost Years. Her work on TLC’s show Addicted has won the prestigious Prism award for accurately depicting drug addiction. Full Circle Recovery is focused on assisting every individual get through the stumbling blocks of early recovery and build a foundation upon which the person can attain his/her goals.

Bay Area Office
931 San Anselmo Ave
San Anselmo, CA 94960


Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Full Circle specializes in drug and alcohol intervention, substance abuse rehab, relapse prevention services, premier sober living homes, and individual and group therapies focusing on alcohol & drugs.

The center’s Relapse Prevention Program is an outpatient program that offers individualized services for adults who seek outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment once they complete primary care.

The relapse prevention program is vital because the first year of sobriety is challenging for a person. The relapse prevention program is also essential because reentry into a normal daily routine after a structured life could be overwhelming and often increases anxiety in the individual. And it is during this time, when a person is trying to acclimatize to their new lifestyle, changed thought process and behavior that one tends to relapse.

The outpatient rehabilitation program offers individuals tools, support and knowledge to succeed in having long-term sobriety. Relapse Prevention Program includes individual therapy, drug testing services, and therapeutic groups.

Full Circle also offers a sober living for clients who need structured living treatment as soon as they complete their treatment. The sober living communities are beautiful and inviting homes for adults in Marin County. Situated in the premier neighborhoods of the Bay Area, the sober living homes offer healing environments which help in cultivating an atmosphere of the family as well as the community.

Full Circle Recovery is popular among clients because of its professional approach, which aims at providing intervention for the clients and their families and loved ones.

Reach Kristina Wandzilak by phone at (415) 202-6255 or by email at Find Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services on her website, Facebook, and Twitter

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I generally do not watch intervention program. Once I chanced upon this program and was left gobsmacked. Being a master’s level therapist and having more than 15 years treating AODs, I could not stand her lack of skill and penchant for sensationalizing other person’s pain which is completely unethical. She seemed to follow, “hey, I am the expert, I know it all….” approach. I pity those who are undergoing treatment under her.


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I agree with the above comment. I was told how great she was and blah blah…so wanted to have a feeling of how she treats etc. and then join the center. Thank God, I followed this approach. I watched some of her TV shows and I felt that she was keen on self-promoting and kept on repeating “I am professional…” Well if you are a professional, your work should speak for you and not yourself.

I got this weird feeling on watching her that I might be wasting my time and money here. I joined another rehab center, met another interventionist and underwent treatment and have been sober for nearly five years now.


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Full Circle has done wonderful work with my family. They know what they are doing. They give respect to the resident and their families. There could be many who might doubt about them, but I am convinced that I was in wonderful hands and thanks to them, I have been sober for nearly eight months.

While joining this program, one must remember that they do not promise miracles. They only offer help which is what is required for people like us. Yes, some of the individual’s intervention might not have gone the way they wanted it, but with people like Kristina around, there is still hope.


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I can sum my experience with Full Circle Recovery in this way---A big waste of time and money.

I was very confident about getting myself treated, but after I joined the program, all my hopes were dashed. I was recommended this joke of the facility by my friends with a caveat to check once before joining. I went ahead and joined their program without heeding to my friends’ warning. BIG MISTAKE. I had to spend more than $12,000 for two-month counseling support. The funny part was that the payment has to be made upfront. So whether the program is effective or worthless, Full Circle Recovery has made money.

I might not have minded the ridiculous prices had their staff been good. They were a bunch of jokers who had no idea about what was supposed to be done. There are no certified MFTs at Full Circle, no accredited psychologists or accredited therapists, no medical doctors or psychiatrists.

Please heed my advice and do not attend this joke of a facility.


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The funny part was that the payment has to be made upfront. So whether the program is effective or worthless, Full Circle Recovery has made money.
I have faced this situation. The parting shot of the staff always used to be “do not forget the check.”

I had taken the services of Kristina and Full Circle in 2012 and saying being totally let down by their services could be an understatement. This lady has her own set of ideas and own agenda, and it was always her way or the highway. I did not make any psychological connection, and all I could hear was her blabbering, etc. I suggest avoiding this facility and the lady.


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I had joined a program at Full Circle and must say that I was able to deal with my situation due to their efforts and the care that Kristina gave to my family and me. She is a genius, and I appreciated her work.


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If you have enough money and want to spend it on frivolous things, then join this facility. If you want real support and effective treatment, then enter some other facility. I am talking from experience. All these guys are interested in money and nothing else. She charges nearly 600 dollars for an hour, which I believe is atrocious.

There are many other facilities in CA which are way better than this joke of a facility. If you love yourself or loved ones, please do not send them here.