How long until Kratom withdrawals start & how long it lasts?

Hey guys,
I am so low now, I've been crying uncontrollably, with chills, flashes of hot and cold. My doctor was the one who put me on Kratom, when Kratom had all of a sudden made an appearance as a legal and effective pain killer.

I ended up using over 50 mg per day, for more than three years. Kratom has ruined my life, making me behave in such a manner that nobody will ever want to ever have anything to do with me.

Finally, for the better, I decided to quit Kratom. It has been seven days since I quit Kratom, and life has been so very miserable. I've been an idiot and so irresponsible in my usage of Kratom, and now I really am paying the price. My whole body pains, and my head hurts in a whole different way. I have pulsating pain in my head, with every thought. Its just weirdly painful.

I would not wish this even on my worst enemy. I read through articles and resources online, and could not come across an accurate figure on how many days Kratom withdrawal lasts. Can anybody provide a figure- even a rough ball-park figure, would do. Thanks
All Kratom can do is postpone your pain, which will all come back along with interest, when you stop the Kratom. I find a lot of people taking Kratom for their aches and pains, and wonder about the merit in doing so. There are also opiate addicts, who quit opiates, by switching to Kratom, in order to avoid the Opiate withdrawal. That's all fine, until they decide jump off the Kratom as well - which is when the Opiate Withdrawal, which would have sort of been in cold storage hits you along with the negative symptoms from the Kratom cessation. This is why Kratom is considered by many as a most dangerous psycho-active compound, which requires responsible use.
Hi guys, I'm an opiate addict and some of my friends are into kratom and shit. I was just wondering how my shrink decided to prescibe me kratom when my blokes n peeps is scorin kratom like its some illegal drug n all. Anyways here the deal. My shrink put me on legit kratom with scripts and everything.I really helped out my friends , who were addicted to this shit. Now, I am totally off opiates, and am only on kratom. my whole life revolves around kratom. without kratom nothing seems to have the element of satisfaction, that even a normal person would derive from the activity. I mean I go to work and come back and all, sort of like a zombie, because I have to , and irder to feel good about the whole thing, I have to do about 40 grams of kratom through the day, and my scripts are going to run out soon, the way I have started consuming ore than thrice my prescribed amount. Kratom is the only thing that means anything to me anymore. I live only for Kratom. I am mean and rude and hostile to everybody including my significant other. I have been through the odd day here and there without Kratom and it has been the worst nightmare. comiong to think of it, Kratom withdrawal is worse than opiate w/d.

Just want to give you guys thinking about kratom a heads up!
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that opioid withdrawal, which kratom withdrawal is generally likened to,

starts within 6-12 hours of the last dose,

peaking within 2-3 days,

and lasting 5-10 days total.

For some the milder lasting residual impact lasts long.
My boyfriend was on 30 g of kratom every other day for about one week. Then for the following six days, he took 48 g of kratom every day. He would take 24 g in the morning and the balance 24 g at night. He quit for a day after the six days of 48 g daily use.

My boyfriend doesn’t have any physical or mental withdrawals. He was surprised. Is everyone so very different? How long does it take before withdrawals start?
Each person is indeed different. However, you should probably take the next couple of days off and see. I say this because I too did not have any withdrawals on the first day, and I too thought that I had escaped the withdrawals, but was hit smack with the withdrawal the very next day.

Having said that, I know people who have been taking low doses for a year, with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I also know people who have had significant withdrawal symptoms after just a short period of use.

When I first began to take Kratom, I would take fifteen to twenty grams daily, as tea. After three months of having this tea daily, I stopped altogether for a week, because I did not have access to Kratom, and I didn’t have withdrawal symptoms either. Subsequently, I used Kratom again, for three months, and this time, when I stopped, I went through terrible withdrawal, which really stunned me.

I feel that for you six days may not be enough. You are using large doses of Kratom. It is very probable, that you will start noticing not only withdrawals but will also find that the nice effects and the euphoria will fade, if you continue to use as you presently are, and then ultimately stop.

Today is the beginning of my tenth week without any Kratom. This is excluding four weeks of tapering down the Kratom, so that I could avoid much of the withdrawal. I had actually been attempting to get Kratom to again start working for me, because all the positive and nice effects had stopped and I was stuck taking it just to feel normal for some time before I got depressed and irritable.

Prior to all this I had taken six weeks off, to get some euphoria back, so if you ever intend to continue your Kratom use, you have got to be extremely responsible.

I would recommend that you don’t do it more than twice3 a week. Do not use extracts or leaf powder either.

You should try and reduce your dosage. A large number of people have discovered that they can take less Kratom and have the same amount of positive effects from Kratom. However, if you start off itself with a huge dose, then your natural tendency is going to be to push it up even further, and that in my opinion clearly is asking for trouble. Finally, try and take three days off in between doses. You will find that it helps prevent addiction and also impairs tolerance buildup.
Perhaps you can help me. I am ready now, to quit Kratom. I wish to go the tapering way. How do you taper down from smoking three grams a day? I use a bowl to smoke. An hour ago I already smoked two bowls. This crap does not even get me high any more. To go without it for three days is horrible, at the same time. I live with my kids, and I cannot afford to lose my sanity in this process. Any help you could send my way would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!
I have been told by some people that their withdrawal came only on the second day or third day after quitting. I personally feel lousy even after two days in a row. I sleep for 16 hours daily and have depression, cold sweats and no energy at all. So, I guess, this totally depends on the person concerned, and varies from individual to individual.
SWIM has been using regularly for the past three months. SWIM uses Maeng Da Kratom. 5 g every other day. SWIM has a break once in every three weeks, and brings down his tolerance level. The break lasts between five and ten days in length. During such breaks, the withdrawal symptoms that SWIM feels are mild stool problems depression, mild RLS, flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue. These do not last for more than few hours on the first or second day without Kratom and thereon, SWIM feels perfectly fine.

SWIM finds the variety in experiences with withdrawal from Kratom strange. Withdrawal from Opiates, or Opioids or Opioid-like acting substances should normally not differ irrespective of who is having them. Anyway.
I have never experienced withdrawal like other people have. I have been taking 30 g per day, without breaking at all. I recently had to go without Kratom for a week. On the first day without Kratom, I had a coffee-like withdrawal. On the second day, I only had a very slight headache, and by taking some ibuprofen, I managed to get rid of that as well, in a couple of hours. I did feel tired on day-one and day-two, but I fixed that with a steaming cup of coffee and that was that.

In the ultimate analysis, everyone is different, and I am just happy I don’t have withdrawals like others do.
I have been using Kratom daily for years, but perhaps on your scale, of 30 grams daily. For me, it has been more like ten grams per day. I take it only in the evenings. I happened to stop cold turkey. And when I did so, my main withdrawal symptoms were fatigue for which coffee did help a lot, and mild diarrhea for a couple of days. I cannot say that it was pleasant, but can certainly say that it was mild. I never had body aches or restless legs.

So, in my case, it really looks more like withdrawal from coffee or some other harmless substance, along with loose stools and slightly greater fatigue levels. I can see how the withdrawal must be much worse for someone who has been doing 30 g per day, especially taking it every morning only.

I now take only five grams per day, and make sure that I take a couple of days off every week. I might as well state here, that I do not have a history of using Opiates or Opioids except for Kratom. That could perhaps be a factor here. I have myself observed that the withdrawals definitely tend to be much worse for those with prior history of Opiate use.

In summation, everybody is different, but the moral of the story is to use Kratom responsibly and to0 make sure to take a few days off every once in a while.
The replacing of traditional Opiates with Kratom is significantly different to addiction to Kratom without any prior Opiate involvement. For many Hydrocodone users, Kratom ends up maintaining the Opiate receptor deficit which is caused by the hydrocodone. The withdrawals last about three days if only Kratom has been used, but if Kratom has been used adjunct to or in replacement of Hydrocodone, then the withdrawals will likely last for a week to ten days.
Hi there, I too have been planning on going to a detox center and putting an end to my awful Kratom habit. Kratom has ruined everything good that used to be in my life. Now all I have is Kratom, without which I can't enjoy anything anyway. Since I've withdrawn time and again earlier on other substances, I just thought I would share a little suggestion - you should find a hobby to do outdoors, and try and make that hobby as physically taxing as possible. This is going to help your mind to be distracted and away from Kratom-related thoughts, and your body is going to thank you for the long-needed exercise it is finally getting - you'll be amazed how effectively exercising can tackle a withdrawal. Cheers!
Kratom steals all your motivation away from you and then drops you like a hot brick. For all you Kratom users out there , for whom everything is hunky dory at the moment, or so it seems, wait till you realize that Kratom has you cornered.

The first thing Kratom is going to do is kill your social life, without you even realizing that it is happening. You are going to really enjoy getting high on Kratom initially, as you probably are , right now, but then, very soon, it strikes you that what is so enjoyable is not life, but life, after using Kratom. That's when Kratom sort of GETS you.

Naturally, you are going to want to continue enjoying life on Kratom, and as Kratom becomes top priority, you begin to ill-treat everyone around you. You harldy realize what you are even doing. By the time you realize that you need to quit Kratom, every ounce of motivation you had once upon a time in your body has been stolen from you. Kratom withdrawal may end in a period of days - however, here what is being referred to is the physical withdrawal. The psychological effects of quitting Kratom are such that it is rare to find a person who was a Kratom user in the past, that actually has motivation towards life. Once having been a Kratom addict, the best a person can hope to live is a joy-less life, either with or without the complications of Kratom use.
I recently went through withdrawal effects from quitting Kratom myself. I tell you, I still remember lying down in the fetal position, irritable and edgy to the core, but without the energy to lift even my little finger. I felt like a bomb that had already exploded. It's difficult to describe.

Imagine being irritable and restless continuously for days on end, while not even being able to get up or walk about. At the end of it all, the pain just defeats you. I am still reeling from the psychological impact of all this. Most of my physical withdrawal symptoms have gone, such as the diarrhea and restless legs.

I swear I will never do Kratom ever again, no matter what. I don't want to have to go through all this ever again.

Life is meaningless at the moment, for without Kratom, nothing is enjoyable. I guess, I just have to wait it out, until my body's serotonin and dopamine systems work themselves out to normalcy or near-normalcy , when I can once again begin actually feeling some happiness.