How long does spice K2 stay in your system?

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I smoked some spice, over the weekend, just to see what the whole synthetic craze was all about. It messed me up so bad, I had to call 911. Today it has been 5 days since, and I have been called for a piss test. I have frantically been looking up on the internet for information on how long these synthetic cannabinoids, especially the JWH-018 remain detectable in the system. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.
Hey anybody out there, could you kindly tell me what particular JWHs or any other synthetic cannabinoids are likely to show up on drug screening?

Are metabolites going to be put out only by 018 and 073 or will all others too put out a common metabolite?

What about Mr.250?

A very good friend of mine has been on probation for really long, and has just been tested for 018, which happens to be a favorite old substitute.

I can certainly answer your question, but you will first have to tell me , which particular JWH this person was using , most often , before the test. What was the average daily dose? I may have been tested for over the 72 hour mark.

According to Redwood, they can only test for 018 and 073 metabolites. Both these are very similar in structure , in the naphthoyl ring. Consequently, their metabolites are similar too. 250 doesn't have the ring, and therefore has significantly different metabolites.
Hi there, I had two hits of K2 Blue last Wednesday , in the night. I had my piss test on Sunday afternoon. My test results are awaited. I am banking on the 72 hours being legit. I tried looking up others who may have used Redwood for a testing point. I couldn't find any.

The only information I was able to come across was statements made by clients, confirming the 72 hour period. I am confused about the time of usage. Will it make a difference whether the K2 was pure or a blend? Please help.


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Seven people just went to jail, for testing positive. Some of the tests are yet to arrive, including mine. I need to ask others when they smoked last and how much. I guess some might even confess, in order to avoid harsher penalties. I dunno about my results yet.
I tell you guys just what you need to know. I failed my test and spent two weeks in jail myself, and I was found positive only for JWH-018 and 73. I would advise you to stay away from this. Oh, and yeah, I had only taken one single hit, four days before having gotten tested positive. You may wanna be extremely careful here.

And there is something called Truth of Addiction system that helped me. A lifesaver really.
Hey guys, I know what deealger is talking about. I had my second test done, this time after 14 days of having last used, and I still showed up positive. I've looked all over the internet, looking for some information about this labs, and haven't found anything useful yet. I really need some help, with this research. People like me get caught in the system, and pay the price for believing false information circulated by Redwood.
Hi everybody, I want to ask, how long are the detection windows when it comes to synthetic cannabinoids win55, JWH-018 and JWH-073? What sort of process is used to detect these compounds? Thanks.
The only commercially available drug test , that specifically tests for JWH-018 and JWH-073 happens to be an LC?MS analysis, available at Redwood Toxicology. Apart from this , there aren't any commercially marketed immunoassay tests for such cannabinoids yet. Hence, urinalysis has to be done, by LC/MS or GC/MS, in each and every case. This makes testing a very expensive process. According to Redwood, the cut-off is 72 hours, since last consumption, within which it can be detected.

There is no clarity whatsoever on how on earth they arrived at the figure of 72 hours. These periods are bound to vary from person to person, and we are by no means at a stage in testing evolution , to actually know for sure the real sensitivity limits, as well as the person-to-person variability , of any of these tests developed so far.

This is not to try and suggest that their testing results are flawed. Their test happens to be built around multiple drug metabolite detection, and therefore is definitely robust. The other thing is that in the case of a habitual user, it is probable that the cannabinoids are going to last for longer - say about a week.

As things stand, there isn't a commercially available test, for the WIN-55 or 212-2. In extremely exceptional circumstances, it is possible to do a thorough MS analysis of either urine or blood , and thereby identify the WIN-55 and 212-2. This is going to be frightfully expensive, and therefore needs to be done only in extremely exceptional circumstances.
SWIM heard that more than a dozen people were found hot for spice. The lab must have been Redwood, and GC/MS must have been used.

I wonder if Redwood has found out a way, to test for more than the old JWH-018, JWH-073 and WIN55.

In 72 hours, wouldn't all of the WIN-55 have gotten out of SWIM'ssystem?
They've got something called Gas Chromatography, using which they can identify any substance , which passes through urine without change, and also identify any substance of which the metabolites are known. Hence, it is quite likely, that most of these research chemicals which you mentioned, will be easily identifiable in the test.
Hey, Lora, I am happy for you. I was just wondering, if by any chance you may have tested during the period between the two-week and one-month mark. Do you know anything about whether JWH shows up on this test?
It seems to be impossible to find accurate or reliable information about these chemicals at present. Everyday new ones pop up, but your safest bet, especially if you are being tested, is to refrain from sampling any of them at all.