Etg test



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I'm an idiot I already know so please save the snarky comments. I drank a crap load last week and then had a UA that test for etg about 40 hours later. I drank a couple gallons of water, took niacin, a super b complex, a couple detox drinks, and 2 hot detox baths where I was sweating like crazy. I had home etg test both with 300 and 500 cut off and by the time I had to go take my test I had gotten 3 negative home tests. I'm just wondering if anyone would think that means I passed my UA I had to take for legal reasons.

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Yea. Willing to bet your golden.
I just passed a etg with 36 hours.
Literally shitting water, drank well over a gallon. But it worked. I dont think the etg test is as hard to pass as i hear.
I was pretty nervous about the test but yea it was pretty easy. Flushed with a gallon and b12 for the visual.
Its certainly not fun either way. Good luck