ETG test after I drank very heavily for 2 days



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So I know I shouldn't have drank knowing I had a drug/alcohol test for probation but my bad excuse is that I was very sad and hurt after my ex cheated while in jail. Anyway I drank maybe 8 Dos X’s beers and Absolute vodka (4 shots) I woke up drunk and bought more Absolut vodka and drank until I passed out (12-17 shots) around 1 AM I woke up at 5 AM for work and will have about 55-58 hours in total before the ETG test. I drank as much water as I could and 1 vitamin water and my urine has been constantly clear. Also I drank 8 cups of detox/green tea and 3 cups of coffee. I have about 8 hours before the test and don’t know if I should stay up and sweat it out while drinking and urinating more. Also I heard fasting is good so I’ve eaten very little. I’m 27 years old 180 pounds and 5’7. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be risking it again but I really need help from someone who has been through this before or a professional. Asking for a friend please.

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Drinking large quantities of water can give false negatives with ETG, yes. Infact there were studies conducted which indicate that after 48 hours, the ETG tests can either fail to detect or detect such low quantities that can happen even with regular use of alcoholic mouthwash.

But if they do a serum creatine test, they will have a hunch that you have loaded up with water.