Does high voltage detox drink work? Reviews & Experience?

Hi there ,

I want to know more about a detox product called HIGH VOLTAGE. Can somebody explain what it does, and how effective it is? btw, I have a drug test coming up and I would like to make use of some such product, in order to pass my test.

Any information would be appreciated.

HIGH VOLTAGE does not work. I took this product in addition to having stayed clean for a month, just to be safe, and I go and fail my test. Not only was it a waste of time and money, but I have a strong suspicion, that the HIGH VOLTAGE was what actually CAUSED me to fail. I don't know for sure how that could be possible, but logic kind of points in that direction.
I personally paid for this product and used it following all the instructions to a T and didn't pass my test.This product made me get up at six in the morning and want to puke. It turn my pee into a yellow I've never seen before.
Does high-voltage detox work? My goat is going to get a comprehensive multiple toxin home style drug test and has to show up 12 hours before time. Does HIGH VOLTAGE do anything besides dilute urine? If it doesn't then my goat should probably just drink water and thereby save his money.That is why I ask.
On the other hand, does this product happen to be more reliable than just drinking only water?
All any of these products really say is that they are diluting your urine, which will be partly effective in detoxing, and hopefully, the rest of whatever drugs are remaining will somehow miraculously get flushed out, thanks to whatever product is being sold. If such a product is ever sold, it would become the greatest hit ever and then the government would have to pull the plug on it. The sad part is that you always find gullible consumers who desperately desire miracles and are willing to cough up their hard-earned money, only to be disappointed or even worse, in legal problems.

From my experience, the one thing that can help you in general is following research based little bits of information like the ones in the Truth of Addiction Program. Lots of good information on it.
Detox drinks are all scams, according to me. They always tell you to drink a gallon of water, which if you do, you will detox anyway.


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I recently went to a head shop where I saw all the detox drinks and nothing mentioned besides “beat your drug test” all over the place. When I googled it, the Whizzinator, which was being sold along with sex toys, with hints of “golden showers” and “alternative lifestyle”

Interestingly, sex toys are totally unregulated. I find it hard to believe that these products are reliable enough when you are going to get tested. Perhaps, as a last resort, in an emergency, you could think about it. Not otherwise, because your freedom is what is at stake here.
Apparently, synthetic urine is being sold as a sex toy. This appears to be an attempt to circumvent the laws that prohibit the sale of drug test masking and detox products.
Hey there, I took a random urine test, on the fourteenth of this month. It came out non-negative, because of THC. I had actually smoked the previous night. I also took a High Voltage drink and mixed it with about sixty to seventy oz. of water and drank it up.

This was about eleven hours before the test. The divided urine sample was sent to CRL, and according to me seemed very dilute. They received the specimen at four in the morning, and the fifteenth of this month. The results came on the fifteenth at noon.

Today, my boss was at work, and hasn’t said anything to me yet, and I have not received any call from MRO either. I am wondering if perhaps I could have ultimately passed, since I weigh only 70 kg and have literally no body fat. I would be very thankful for any opinions of yours.
The ingredients in the detox drink flush you out and can mask the THC better than water alone can. If you drink too much water, you will simply urinate it all out. I would personally recommend a detox drink along with water, from my own experience.
I am pretty certain that the above was nothing other than a sales pitch targeting the gullible. You should never take anything said in these kinds of sales pitches at face value. Scientifically, the ingredients in all these products have no impact whatsoever on any THC metabolite. The Creatin that they advertise is on their same-day drink is actually only absorbed by the body and metabolized into Creatinine. Therefore, it would have done no good, as far as the test is concerned. It is possible to spend an obscene amount of money on magical elixirs while accomplishing absolutely nothing more than what can be accomplished with plain water and some vitamin B2.
Hi guys, I am five feet ten inches tall and weigh ninety kg. I have a little bit of belly, since I am not very active. I quit weed nine days back, and took a seven day rapid body cleanser pack. I got a self-testing kit as well.

After drinking the high voltage drink, I did not pass the home test. So, I postponed the test by another week. Now, I stand at between 50 ng and 100 ng per ml according to the utestometer.

I’ve only five days before my test, and I am really nervous. I know that can raise suspicion. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
I’ve done this so many times, guys. I’ve not failed once till now. All you need to do is urinate at least three or four times, after drinking the liquid and lots of water, just before the test. When you urinate, the toxins come out of your body.

You don’t want to give your first urine after taking the detox drink, for the test. That is why you urinate at least three to four times after the detox before the test. You should also take vitamin B for proper color, otherwise, your test results are going to come right back, as inconclusive.

From my experience, the one thing that can help you in general is following research based little bits of information like the ones in the Truth of Addiction Program. Lots of good information on it.
Thanks for the recommendation Ronnie . Just went through it all yesterday. Really handy. Something I feel all of us should buy :)
I have smoked up to twelve days before a surprise test. You only need to follow all the directions to a T. You should flush your system twenty four hours before with 10 oz. of water.

You shouldn’t have coffee or juices. Don’t have a huge big meal either, right before the test.

Keep drinking plenty of water. Try and urinate at least four times and wait at least a couple of hours after consuming the drink, before the test.

You need to be patient as well. You should not take the test too early, as soon as you consume the product. This has worked not just for me, but for four others whom I happen to know as well.