Cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril Recreational High? - How Much Cyclobenzaprine to Get High



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Friends, I think the title is self-explanatory. Still, would like to ask all the members - can you get high on Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine). If we can get high, what would be the best dose to start with?

Any ideas on the type of effects that I would get on this dose would also be welcome.

You might be wondering how the heck this fellow get Flexeril. Well, it is legit. I got a script for pain relief from a severe back spasm.

The pain has completely vanished, and now I am left with nearly ten pills.

I have not used any drugs for the past few months, so wanted to try these out and see if this would give me a good kick.

Oh, I nearly forgot!!! The main purpose of asking these questions was a comment made by a colleague. He said it is a sheer waste of time and there is no recreational value for Flexeril.

If that is the case, then I would simply throw them away.

Any and all suggestions on this are welcome.


Good to hear that you are okay now.

As you might know, Flexeril is a muscle relaxer and works by blocking the pain sensations that are sent to the brain. It is not a narcotic, so I am not sure you might get high on it.

I know for a fact that it potentiates the effect of an opiate but never heard anybody getting high on it.

If I were you, then I would start with 2-3 times the dose and see how it goes. There may be many who say 2-3 times won’t be good and you should go for more, but I would not recommend going that route.

Start at a low dose and see if it works. If it does, good for you.


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Flexeril and high - I think the only thing that you might get with Flexeril is a lot of sleep. I have never heard of anybody getting high on it.


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Effects of Cyclobenzaprine include mild sedation and involuntary muscle movement, (can call it a negative effect).

I wouldn't be messing with this drug till I find more about effects and I have not come across any major trip report by somebody who has got high on Flexeril.

I would suggest starting with one to two times the prescribed dose. If you feel okay, then might go for more. Personally, would avoid it unless I heard more about its effects.


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Flexeril works best when you have a muscle spasm or any injury related to the muscles. Beyond that, it is just pretty much useless.

If you want to get high, try Soma (carisoprodol), it would work great. I have used Soma recreationally and I must tell you, the high which I got was very memorable one.

Even if you do not have it, meet your doctor and say you have got a cramp or charlie horse. They would most probably give you soma, get the script filled and label it.

Keep it safe in a medicine cabinet and use it as and when needed.

And be careful not to shake it. The pills tend to break if shaken and you might end up with powdered stuff, which trust me, is not good for snorting.

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Tell me pray, why you want to use Flexeril for getting high when you have so many good alternatives out there.


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I have used Flexeril and tramadol many times.

Flexeril only works for relieving pain. It is good for nothing else. I once took five times the prescribed dose, and all I got was a good sound sleep.

So if you intend to have a peaceful and blissful sleep, then go for Flexeril.

Tramadol, on the other hand, has got a good recreational potential. The euphoria which I got from tramadol was very memorable.

When it comes to getting euphoric, I would always prefer Tramadol. It always works.


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Tramadol would work…hmm would note this down.

I have a script for clonazepam also, and every month two to three are left. Would it give any high or should I stick with tramadol for high and Flexeril for pain?

BTW what was the dose of tramadol that you took? I would like to put away sufficient pills before trying them on the weekend.


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Just Google Tramadol and see the various effects that you can get. Moreover, I second what everybody has said about Flexeril. Abusing it is a sheer waste of time and money.


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Tramadol is a good drug but abusing it can also result in seizures. Though I have used tramadol and is one of my favorite painkillers, I still try not to abuse it very often.

It is a habit-forming drug, and one can easily become an addict on it.

However, if you have convulsions or seizures, then I would suggest you avoid it. Not worth taking the risk.

Oops, nearly forgot. Don’t think of inhaling tramadol. To get its full effect, you would have to take it orally. The liver metabolizes it, and then it can be used by the body.

So wishing you luck for your adventure and write a trip report as it would be helpful for all.