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Originally established in 1969 as a community health center, Canvas Health (CH) has evolved into becoming one of Minnesota’s most distinctive private nonprofit providers of substance abuse and mental health recovery support. With more than 10 branches spread across St. Paul and Minneapolis, Canvas Health offers programs that target substance abuse and outpatient mental health care.

10077 Dogwood Street Northwest, Suite 200
Coon Rapids, MN 55448


CH employs evidence-based treatment methods and offers primary outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults. For the adults, CH offers New Choices for Recovery, which starts with an initial assessment which allows counselors to design a customized treatment plan. Each treatment program integrates individual and group therapy which is based on CBT, 12-steps, and Motivational Interviewing.

The customized plan helps in deciding the frequency of each treatment type and whether the client needs any treatment for co-occurring disorders. The client’s progress determines the duration of stay. Some of the topics discussed in the groups include coping skills, relapse prevention, self-esteem building, and independent living skills.

Adolescent substance abuse program is a program designed for at-risk youth and is an intensive program. This includes consultations, CBT-based individual and group therapy sessions, intensive case management, and family sessions. CH also offers a CBT-based additional adolescent program which tailors in needs of adolescents who are transitioning from the juvenile justice back into the comforts of their home.

Besides these programs, CH also provides sober-living homes for those clients who would like to continue their recovery even after completing their treatment. Canvas Health also provides both short-term and permanent housing services for homeless parents who are chemically-dependent and their children.

CH also provides services of on-site case managers to clients for developing self-sufficiency and get treatment for their chemical dependency. Transportation services, parenting skills group, vocational counseling as well as legal help is also provided to those who need them.

The staff at Canvas Health comprises LPCs, LCSWs and CADCs.

Canvas Health Cost: Sliding scale. Reach Canvas Health by phone at (612) 676-1604. Find Canvas Health on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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This facility is a big joke. The counselors are not competent to hold the sessions. Their psychotherapy session was a sheer waste of time. I think one would be better off visiting other centers rather than wasting their hard-earned money here.


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CH had a great ARMHS program. I know many people who have benefitted greatly from ARMHS. But in my case, it was exactly the opposite. The ARMHS worker who was assigned to me was a lazy bum. Many times he would not turn up and when he does, he would leaving early. I think he was not interested in these things.

I had to quit CH because I felt that if I stayed with them, then my life would be hanging in a limbo with no way forward.

Guys, employee some good people.


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I would say very proudly that Canvas is the reason that I am alive. They have lent a shoulder to me when I needed to pour my heart out. CH’s mobile crisis unit is also a great boon to people like us who are alone and can get overwhelmed with things around us.


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The staff is great. They are always ready to help. It is a great organization, and I would blindly recommend their services to those who are in desperate need.


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When I enrolled into the adult program, I was in a pretty rough spot and had no idea on how to go ahead in life, and there were days when I even contemplated doing something stupid. But thanks to the efforts of the psychiatrist and counselors, I was able to open up and slowly with their support, was able to piece my life back.

Thanks, Canvas Health. You surely know how to paint a bright picture in one’s life.


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Canvas Health sucks. The staff is insulting and does not care about the things that are going on around them. The individual session is a big waste of time. The fellow comes, sits, blabbers something and then goes away. That’s it; individual therapy is over.

Guys, your job is to help us and not make fun of us or talk in a manner that we as laymen would not understand. I would strongly recommend avoiding this place.


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If you love your family members and/or yourself, then please do not enter into this shithole. You would only waste your money and gain nothing in return.


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I greatly appreciate the efforts that the staff at CH put in to ensure that my son was back to normal. He was in a bad company and thanks to them, he has now realized his mistakes and is willing to move ahead in his life. Thank you, CH!!!!!