Baclofen tv 4096 25 mg pill High & Euphoria

Guys, how many of you have fallen in love with Baclofen. Well, I have.

Wanting to know more about it, I did some thorough research. I found that this drug is a GABA-B agonist and finds use as a muscle relaxer for people with MS (multiple sclerosis).

I call Baclofen the miracle drug. Why – because it not only cures you therapeutically but also has a wonderful reputation when it comes to using it recreationally.

I ordered some 75 pills of 25 mg strength, and once I got it in hand, I went to work. To say that my experience would be intense is an understatement.

I took about 50 pills spread over 18-hour timeframe (took 75 mg every six hours). The first time I took, I just felt a light buzz, nothing more.

The next 75 mg gave me mild dizziness, so added another 75 mg after six. I washed this down with water.

Dizziness increased to clumsiness. I felt thrilled yet was not euphoric or manic; the the speech was not slurred, and eye-hand coordination was intact.

After taking my last dose, which was at 12.15 pm, I went to lie down and watch TV. I thought I caught a wink, but when I saw the clock, it was 04:30 am, and the outside was pitch dark.

I got nauseous and reached the bathroom just in time, cuz I started vomiting, and this did not cease for the next four hours.

I can only say the time I spent sleeping was like bliss. I had wonderful dreams, dreams of me owning acres of land and my girlfriend and I have a wonderful time in our farmhouse.

This changed to a ride down the desert in an open-top with my girlfriend and my parents with the sun beating down on us.

The dream broke when I got up suddenly.

It was good while it lasted. After the vomiting episodes got over, I took another 25 mg pill and the experience was different this time.

I felt nice, and the mood was more enhanced compared to previously.

I have done Xanax, weed, coke, even Benadryl, but never felt this high.

I believe Baclofen has psychoactive properties that can influence a user’s mind once the brain gets used to it.

I hope this trip report would be useful for those who want to use Baclofen.

However, I would like to know if anybody else has tried this before and have they felt anything like this.
I have got recurrent muscle spasms, and my doctor has prescribed Baclofen. Even using it therapeutically gives me jeepers and I can’t imagine using it for fun.

I’m not sure whether this is related to the topic, but I have noticed some side effects after using Baclofen for more than a year now.

I have put on weight, and my joints ache every single joint. I told my doctor about this, and he assured it was not because of Baclofen.

But I’ve my doubts.

Does anybody have similar complaints?
That was an excellent trip report.

I was prescribed baclofen after I twisted my wrist very badly. I was given a script for 10 mg for four days.

After this regimen got over, I decided to have some fun. I filled another script and took all the pills at one go.

Though I didn’t get any dreams, I felt thrilled and was chatting away. I never felt anything like this before.

But I couldn’t muster the courage to retake it since I know OD’ng can even turn fatal.

But yes, I can say it is a miracle drug ;) ;)
I was under the impression that Baclofen was prescribed only for MS (multiple sclerosis).

Thanks for sharing your trip report.

Wondering if you ever tried phenibut. I have heard people say it is similar to Baclofen. I would love to try this stuff if I can lay my hand on it.
Feeling very bored and not in a mood to do anything, I decided to indulge in some fun. The only thing I could get was baclofen 10 mg tablets.

I took some five pills but felt nothing. Disappointed, I lay down and then slowly it started. My heart started pounding, and I felt very groggy.

I had vivid dreams, and when I opened my eyes, I had slept through the whole day. I felt very light and happy.

No wonder this is called miracle drug.
To all those who intend to use baclofen for getting a high – Baclofen is a very potent drug and should not be used for recreational purpose.

It is used to treat muscle spasticity and can be fatal if one overdoses on Baclofen.

A human being can tolerate about 120 mg (oral) of this drug a day. This 120 mg should be taken only in intervals and not at once.

In words of my doctor, “If Baclofen is taken with other CNS depressants like benzos, alcohol or other downers, then it can have additive depressant effects.”

“It would also increase mania, confusional state and exacerbate psychosis. It can also cause hypotension, syncope, acute urinary retention.”

“It decreases the seizure threshold, and one should avoid it if they have seizures.”

Baclofen can be very addictive and sudden withdrawal can turn fatal for people. How I know this – I am on a pain pump which feeds baclofen directly into my spine

My doctor has strictly advised me not to stop this nor increase the amount without his permission, and I intend to follow it to the “T.”

I would once again stress to everybody not to use Baclofen recreationally.
I am sorry to say that baclofen is very mild when you compare it with other GABA A agonists such as alcohol, benzos, soma, barbiturates.

I have used benzo for more than a decade and also have used phenobarbital, and butalbital.

Somebody had asked about phenibut. I would say it is much like baclofen since it’s a phenyl derivative of GABA.

I use phenibut when I cannot lay my hands on any other drugs, but when I compare it with baclofen, must say baclofen wins hands down.

My experience with baclofen is that it makes me less anxious, very calm, talkative and euphoric. I would say it makes me more social.
I have tried baclofen once and all it gave me a drowsy and groggy. If you get high on it, then you are lucky.
The most important factor when doing drugs is understanding the fact that the adage “one size fits all” does not hold true for drugs.

Getting a high or not depends on the body structure and the metabolism of the individual.

I initially used the baclofen for overcoming my anxiety, and my life has changed 180 degrees. I am more social and remain happy. So in that sense, you can say I get high.

In fact, such has been my transformation that I have stopped taking weed, coke and other to enhance my mood.

I am, not for one second, saying that baclofen is the best when compared to other drugs, but for me, it works great.

The only problem that I have with this drug is that I have lost weight in it, nearly 50 lbs, which is something for a guy who weighs 150lb.
Besides the effects mentioned above of baclofen, I have also heard my friend bragging that baclofen can not only cure but also help in preventing headache.

However, when it comes to me, it can result in me going off the tangent. I am starting talking with my friends and for no rhyme and reason start crying.

I know for a fact that abusing baclofen in one sitting can result in depletion of GABA, which I think is the cause of my crying. However, I can’t vouch for it.
Just an aside

Xanax and alcohol relieve anxiety but alcohol is bad for one health, and I would not recommend it to anybody.

Baclofen also relieves anxiety, but it is a cleaner feeling. However, one should not use it like alcohol or Xanax. A major benefit of Baclofen is that it is undetectable and one wouldn’t feel intoxicated.

However, it takes a lot of time to kick in and might take nearly three to four days heavy usage for it to kick in and have long-lasting anxiolytic effects.

To ensure maximum effectiveness while addressing anxiety before an important task, take a high dose the night before.
I think one should be very careful when talking about dosages. One of my friends read that 325 mg was okay, so to get a greater kick, took 500 mg.

Well, he sure got a kick and landed in the hospital in a coma. It took a month for him to recover.

One should never be impulsive when taking drugs and should be very careful while reading the posts.
Go to your doctor. That is the only way to determine if your abuse has damaged your organs. They would do some days, and it may take some days.

However, it is better to wait for few days and get a peace of mind rather than being worried whether you are dying internally or not.