47 years on 10mg of Valium per day.



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Hi everybody.I'm a 66 yr old male who had been on 10mg/day of Valium for 47yrs.Obviously i am addicted.I have never craved for a higher dose but back in the 70s GPs knew nothing about the risk of addiction to this drug. At one stage i was injected with it just to overcome my anxiety due to an upcoming dental appointment.It all began in the 70s when i developed severe anxiety due to a violent parental relationship.It developed into cronic anxiety,depression & a fully blown panic disorder with secondary agoraphobia.

Even after intense therapy & multiple changes in antidepressant meds,i still have a panic disorder which comes alive when i'm subjected to stress.So....i've learnt to avoid most stressful situations.The shrinks i have seen over the years call say the valium is for the anticipation that builds when i'm forced to face my fears.They call it "the what if syndrome".ie what if i have a panic attack.MY QUESTION IS.I fear detoxing from this drug.I have tried 3x over the years.Eg1mg/month for 10 months.

Everytime i did this,my panic attacks become more frequent & severe thus unleashing the "MONSTER"ie agoraphobia.I found myself back at square one.The panic attacks were waking me up they were that bad & my chronic depression was telling me to give up.Needless to say i went back on 10mg of valium per day.It took a long time (yrs} to get back to where i am now,I don't want go through that again.,I know the only thing that helps me through this is 10mg of valium a day.

My life has finally hit a sweet spot & i'm in a good place.Can someone please tell me is it really worth detoxing off valium at this stage of my life?Ps...I've asked several doctors why i don't get the urge to increase my dose but they can't seem to answer that.My current prescribing GP is keen to take me off Valium but he can't seem to understand the consequences.Any advice welcome.

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You need to rethink life and take a course with a psychotherapist.