alcohol addiction

Alcohol Detox – How long does it take?

Classified as a depressant, alcohol like any other depressant, slows vital functions which results garbled speech, wobbly movements, disturbed perceptions and failure to react swiftly. In fact,...
alcohol origin and history

Alcohol: Classification, Origins & History

Alcohol, in chemistry parlance, is any organic compound where hydroxyl functional group attaches to single saturated carbon atom. Alcohol here refers to ethyl alcohol, the predominant component...
alcohol effects

How Alcohol Affects The Body & How Long It Stays In The System

The alcohol found in alcoholic beverages is ethyl alcohol, the only alcohol which is produced by fermenting fruits and grains. Fermenting is a chemical process whereby yeast...
drinking and driving

Science & Statistics Reveal Drinking & Driving is Dangerous

Believe it or not, alcohol is said to have caused over half the deaths due to road accidents in the mid 1970s. Today the situation...