Cocaine Street Names - the Different Slangs and Nicknames

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    Back In Time

    Three thousand years before Christ, ancient Incas in the Andes chewed coca leaves to fasten their breathing, to counter living in the mountains. Citizens of Peru also chewed on coca leaves during sacred rituals and ceremonies. Indian labourers in Spain were given coca leaves, as it made them easier to manage and exploit after its intake.

    Coca is one of the prehistoric stimulants of natural origin. This was first discovered in 1859 by a German chemist named Albert Niemann. However, it took nearly 21 years for cocaine to get popular in the medical commune, i.e. in the year 1880.
    Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychoanalyst used it as a tonic to cure depression and sexual impotence. His article, “Uber Coca” called cocaine a ‘magical’ substance and endorsed its benefits. He prescribed it to many and recommended it for general use, which also resulted in many deaths too. John Pemberton used cocaine as a key ingredient in Coca-Cola, which gave a euphoric and energising effect to its drinkers. This made it “the drink of the CENTURY.”

    Thomas Edison and Sarah Bernhardt from Hollywood were two of the major promoters of the miraculous effects of cocaine tonics. Eventually, dangers of this drug became more prominent and in 1903 Coca-Cola was pressurized to remove cocaine as a key ingredient from their drink. In 1912, around 5000 people died from cocaine overdose and finally in 1922, this drug was officially banned. 1970s saw re-emergence of cocaine as a fashion statement and it quickly became a rich man’s companion. However, it quickly fell from grace in 1980s and soon became linked to poverty, crime and death.

    Profoundly - How the names are derived

    A widely abused drug and a key to many problems in homes, streets, within the state and country, across other countries and in communities around the world is what cocaine is today. This has come to be known by a wide slang terms and street names without using its original name.

    Some names are derived at, from the method of use or from the actual type of the drug. Like the crack or hard are two cocaine street names that are used commonly when it has been cooked down to a hard, rock form.

    Some are names based on the effect of the drug it has on the user such as speed or fast, rush or similar effect stuff. Many names have come from the appearance of the drug or the form of the drug such as powder or soft.

    From nose candy to candy powder, marching dust to happy trails, paradise to bouncing powder, are many such interesting names that has evolved over time as street names. Many are 40 years old names while many have just come out as new nick names.

    A few easy to spot names are coke, coca, cola, lady caine, Big C etc. Many have names on how high the high is felt like base, beam, candy C, Monster, Tardust, Came etc.

    Why Different Names

    By 2008, this drug became the second most trafficked illegal drug in the whole world and was sold at different places, different countries and different streets under different names to make it less conspicuous and this façade dodged the authorities and the user’s family members.

    Being one of the most popular illegal substance has resulted in cocaine accumulating its fair share of alias. Appearance of the drug and the preferred mode of use are the major factors that play a role in deciding the various nicknames.

    Change in names is done generally to make it unfamiliar to the non-users and by the time one slang name becomes popular, drug peddlers and users would have shifted on to a new name/slang to deceive the suspecting crowd.

    A whole lot of names have been created by drug users and it is not possible to list all of the nicknames and street names for cocaine at a given point of time. Often, it varies by region, state, country and the creative mind of these users’ who coin novelty names for describing it.

    However, some of the popular names used in different parts of the world are:

    • Aunt Nora
    • Blow
    • Base
    • Basa
    • Big Rush
    • Bump
    • Big flakes
    • Baseball
    • Bernice
    • Binge
    • Blow
    • Charlie
    • Cola
    • C
    • Candy
    • Coke

    • Flake
    • Dust
    • Nose Candy
    • Mojo
    • Pearl
    • Snow
    • Line
    • Rail
    • Sneeze
    • Stash
    • Sniff
    • Paradise
    • Powder
    • Toot
    • White
    • Yeyo
    Crack Cocaine too has a whole lot of names of its own. Crack cocaine is a freebase, crystalline form of cocaine that can be smoked, hence these names:

    • Snow coke
    • Chemical
    • Candy
    • Rocks
    • Black rock
    • Nuggets
    • Gravel
    • Dice
    • Purple caps

    • Scrabble
    • Grit
    • Hail
    • Hard rock
    • Jelly beans
    • Cookies
    • Yam
    • Sleet
    • Tornado
    Cocaine can be blended with other drugs and mixed with different substances to achieve a different high. Cocaine is frequently mixed with marijuana, methamphetamine, PCP, heroin, ecstasy and LSD. These cocaine mixtures have different names too, some of which are:

    • Speedball
    • Spaceball
    • Woo-woo
    • Cocopuffs
    • Woolies

    • Boy-girl
    • Candy flipping
    • Bumping up
    • Snow seals
    • Flamethrowers
    Cocaine names have evolved from one generation to another and every era has resulted in cocaine getting different set of names. Some of the most common nicknames from each era and from different countries are listed in the table below. These are the slang names used for cocaine of all types (smoke-able, used in injections, or crack). Street drug language changes all the time and the moment a list is generated of the new names, it gets out of date. The slang used for cocaine in one country may include some of these terms and may also include a totally different list of names.

    List of Cocaine Nicknames and Slang

    Cocaine Street Names – Slang & NickNames

    51 Bunk Do a Line Heaven dust Paradise Snort
    All-American Drug Burese Double-breasted Dealing Henry VIII Paradise white Snow
    Angie Burnese Double Bubble Her Pariba Snow bird
    Aspirin Bush Draf Hitch up the reindeers Pearl Snow seals
    Aunt C Dream Hooter Percia Snow white
    Aunt Nora C & M Duct Horn Percio Snowball
    Balling C Joint Dust Horning Perico (Spanish) Snowcones
    Banano C-dust Dynamite Hunter Peruvian Soap
    Barbs C-game El diablito (Spanish) Ice Peruvian flake Society high
    Basa Cabello (Spanish) El Diablo (Spanish) Icing Peruvian lady Soda
    Base Cadillac El Perico ("parrot") Inca message Picking Soft
    Base crazies Caine Electric kool-aid Jam Piece Soup
    Base head California cornflakes Esnortiar (Spanish) Jejo Pimp Space
    Based out Came Everclear Jelly Polvo blanco (Spanish) Spaceball
    Basing Candy Fast White Lady Jim Jones Pop Speedball
    Basuco (Spanish) Candy C Five-way Joy powder Powder Speedballing
    Batman Candy Flipping on a String Flake Junk Powder diamonds Speedballs-nose-style
    Bazooka Candy Sticks Flame Cooking King Premos Splitting
    Bazulco Candy Sugar Flamethrowers King's habit Press Sporting
    Beam Caps Flash Lace Primo Squirrel
    Beam me up Scottie Carnie Flave Lady Primo turbo Stacks
    Behind the Scale Carrie Fleece Lady caine Primos Star
    Beiging Carrie Nation Flex Lady snow Pseudocaine Star-spangled powder
    Belushi Caviar Florida snow Late night Purple caps Stardust
    Bernice CDs Foo Foo Leaf Purple haze Studio fuel
    Bernie Cecil Foo foo stuff Line Quill Sugar
    Bernie's Flakes Chalked up Foo-foo dust Liquid lady Racehorse charlie Sugar boogers
    Bernie's Gold Dust Chalking Foolish powder Love affair Rane Sweet stuff
    Big Bloke Champagne Freebase Ma'a Raw T
    Big C Charlie Freeze Macaroni and Cheese Ready rock Talco (Spanish)
    Big flake Chase Frisco special Mama coca Real tops Tardust
    Big rush Chicken Scratch Frisco speedball Marching dust Recompress Teenager
    Billie hoke Chippy Friskie powder Marching powder Rider Teeth
    Bipping Choe Frontloading Mayo Rock star The five way
    Birdie powder Cholly G-rock Merck Rock(s) Thing
    Black rock Cigamos Gaffel Merk Roxanne Tio
    Blanca (Spanish) Coca Geek-joints Mighty white Rush Toke
    Blanco (Spanish) Cocaine Blues Geeze Mix Sandwich Toot
    Blast Cocktail Ghostbusting Mo Schmeck Trails
    Blizzard Cocoa Puff Gift-of-the-sun Mojo Schoolboy Trey
    Blotter Coconut Gift-of-the-sun-god Monkey Scorpion Turkey
    Blow Coke Gin Monos (Spanish) Scottie Tutti-frutti (Portuguese)
    Blow Blue Coke Bar Girl Monster Scotty Twinkie
    Blow Coke Cola Girlfriend Mosquitos Scramble Uptown
    Blow Smoke Combol Glad stuff Movie star drug Seconds White - boy / Dragon / girl / horse / lady / mosquito / powder
    Blunt Comeback Go on a sleigh ride Mujer (Spanish) Serial speedballing Whiz bang
    Body-packer Connie Gold dust Murder One Serpico 21 Wicky
    Bolivian Marching Powder Cooking up Goofball Nieve (Spanish) Sevenup Wild cat
    Booster Coolie Greek Nose Shabu Window pane
    Bopper Cork the Air Gremmies Nose candy Shake Wings
    Bouncing Powder Corrine H & C Nose powder Shaker/baker/water Witch
    Boy Corrinne Half piece Nose stuff She Woo blunts
    Boy-Girl Cotton Brothers Handlebars Number 3 Shebanging Woolas
    Break Night Crack Happy dust One and one Sherman stick Woolie / Woolie Blunt / Wooties
    Brick Crack Bash Happy powder One bomb Shot Working bags
    Bubble Gum Crisscrossing Happy trails One on one house Shrile Yam
    Bump Crystal Have a dust One plus one sales Sleigh ride Yao
    Bump up Dama Blanca (Spanish) Haven dust Onion Smoke houses Yay
    Bumper Devil's Dandruff He-she Oyster stew Smoking gun Yeyo (Spanish)
    Bumping up Dirties Heaven P-dogs Sniff Zip

    Fancied by the many names?

    A long and diverse history of cocaine use has actually resulted in increasing the list of street names by the day. Some names are colourful, some define traits of the drug and some are just fancy names spelled to disguise its properties and the actual use. No matter what the name, all that cocaine does is – “deteriorate the person from being a normal human to becoming the complete contradictory of what he was or for that matter what he should have been.”
    All of us have a tough time in keeping up with the relatively long list of street names for common illegal drugs; nevertheless, in this whirlpool of drug trafficking, we are not the only ones. After all, these names were created to confuse, divert, re-route, distract and dodge the law, parents, teachers, friends and people who care and people who love.

    Some nicknames have joined common vocabulary while countless others remain ambiguous. Even if that’s the case, a working know-how of the most common and frequently used street names for the most popular, dangerous and illegal drugs can be useful, especially when you suspect that someone in your care is indulging in the drugs.

    Way back in 70s and 80s

    The pop/American culture that was prevalent over the years was the main cause for many of these names and also the cocaine becoming so popular in that period. Obviously, this drug has had a major influence on that era and some of the names back then were based on the culture and lifestyle:

    • Love affair
    • King’s habit
    • Late night
    • Society high
    • Movie star drug

    • Pimp
    • White pimp
    • Girl friend
    • Studio fuel
    • Start-Spangled Powder

    Watchfulness and Staying Alert

    Parents and family members have to be alert and be aware of various street names and nicknames of cocaine; though this list is not the complete one, as each day at a different place, country a new one crops up. Teens and other drug users usually use a lesser common name to hide it from their people.

    Knowing this vast spread of names of cocaine would definitely help parents and family to take steps to stop their child from getting addicted to this one, or if he/she is already addicted, can help take action as well. Apart from knowing the different names of cocaine, a few things to watch out for are their child’s increased energy, alertness and his/her restlessness.

    The child’s mood swings, depression, aggression, agitation, talkativeness or rapid speech and inability to sleep like before are few signs to watch out for. Of course, the child’s loss of appetite and his/her weight loss could also be a concerning sign.

    Whatever said and done, whatever name it is called with, cocaine is a treacherous street drug that should never enter into our lives. No matter whatever cute or funny names it is called as, the single reality is - it is an exceedingly potent and a controlling stimulant that can cause overdose, an addiction that is not treatable or even death. Stay guarded!!!!

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